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    i installed fresh felgo yesterday on a mac and tried a new project to compile to android with cmake.

    it does not work, i cannot select android or ios.

    please help



    what is this replacement for “Android” or replacement for IOS ?

    when i select replacement for android, i get “No CMake configuration found!”

    hwat should i do to make this work?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Bas,

    the replacement kits are mechanism of Qt Creator to re-create older kits that are no longer installed but still used by projects, to be able to keep building those. You can ignore them, to my experience, QtC is a little inconsistent here. For the new installation, you will need a proper new kit, not such a replacement one.

    In general, after installing Felgo 4, you need to set up your Android toolchain (it is recommended to use wizard in Qt Creator for this, in Preferences -> Devices -> Android). You can also find the guide and recommended versions in our docs: https://felgo.com/doc/felgo-deployment-android/

    Then you need to add the Felgo Android package via the maintenance tool.

    After that, you should have a proper Android kit set up to select and build in Qt Creator.




    Hello Alex,


    I am having similar trouble as Jack with an error saying “No CMake configuration found”

    In your answer to Jack, you mentioned “setting up a android toolchain file. How exactly do you do this? In my terminal I get the error “Fail to find toolchain file” fpund in CMakeDetermineSystem.txt

    How do I fix this error so I can build my app for android??


    Thank you for your help


    Felgo Team

    Please make sure to install all tools with the correct versions as described in the android deployment guide:

    If all is installed and set up correctly, there should be no warnings or errors shown when opening Options -> Devices -> Android in Qt Creator. If it looks okay, please try to build a simple Fego playground app project to verify it works.



    Yes! it works, thank you


    For anyone who may have the same problem with running Felgo 4 for android;

    – You need an NDK compatible with Felgo, as of the time of writting it is NDK 23c

    – You can use the jbr from Android studio for Java

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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