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    in example on page “https://felgo.com/doc/felgo-fileutils/

    show “import Felgo” when run debug show “*.qml: Library import requires a version”.
    When will write “import Felgo 3.10” I have intalled version “3.10” according “MaintenanceTool.exe”

    Debug show “Page.qml:4:1: module “Felgo” version 3.10 is not installed”

    Wen use “import Felgo 3.0” is ok but I used “NativeUtils.displayFilePicker(…)”

    In documentation shows NativeUtils QML Type | Felgo Documentation

    [since Felgo 3.10.0] void displayFilePicker

    How used this function (on Windows work fine, but on Android not work – not show any dialog).

    Function nativeUtils.displayImagePicker workin fine.

    Please help how resolve this problem with displayFilePicker.


    Felgo Team


    There’s always only one specific version of Felgo installed, and it is not possible to load different versions depending on the import statements. Using the Felgo import will make all latest Felgo components and features available. The NativeUtils::displayFilePicker will be available as well.

    Note that the example snippet in the documentation is made for the latest Felgo 4 based on Qt 6, which does not require to specify any import versions. If you are using Felgo 3, you can import Felgo 3.0.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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