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    Peta Stewart

    Hi Felgo team,

    I am quite new to app developing but excited to get started with Felgo. I have created a new app with plugin features and added my license key.  Everything is great so far : )  However, before begin adding content to the App, I need to know how to best structure the content as I wish to have the app available in 2 languages.

    What is the best way to achieve this?

    b) Is it possible to have 2 page titles and 2 page contents, for example with an id of “en” and “ar” for each and then a button which is activated when entering the app (English and Arabic) an active ‘select language’ button which activates certain page content (I’m not sure of the QT coding format yet but something like: If preference/button “English” true, then display title/page content “en”. (This would also need to be possible for the navigation).


    b) The main screen displays the language choice, which then directs to a sub main page for each language and each section contains all the same components but with the alternative language.  This means the main navigation for each language would need to be run from the sub page as opposed to the main.qml file.

    As I am new to programming, I would like to know if either of these methods are possible or if there is a better option and where I can go to learn the appropriate code.

    I appreciate your assistance

    Peta Stewart


    Felgo Team

    Peta Stewart

    Thank you Alex,

    Yes, I did read about the QT linguist, however, as I am new to app building, and in my experience the translators (that I am aware of) don’t render from English to Arabic very well. So I would prefer to try option B).  I believe it will work and be easier to code, however, I have a lot to learn as QML is new to me.

    Best regards


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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