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    I have a problem that MultiResolutionImage is not visible if screen is smaller than default scene ize eg. small android screen

    GameWindow {
    id: window
    width: 480*0.9    
    height: 320*0.9


    Is there is some other filename suffix for smaller images than sd?

    When i run project with normal window size – on PC runs it’s all right, but when i deploy my game on small Android (Samsung – GT-S5300) no MultiResolutionImage’s visible – only simple Images visible…


    From http://felgo.com/doc/vplay-different-screen-sizes.html
    The correct file name suffix is automatically added based on the scene scale factor, so either -sd (for resolutions up to 480 pixels), -hd (up to 960px) or -hd2 (above 960px).


    Felgo Team

    Hi Raimonds,

    the problem is that the default width and height of a scene is 480 x 320. If you make the GameWindow smaller than this, the scale factor of the scene becomes lower than 1. The default scaleThreshold for the -sd file suffix is at least 1 though. Now you have two options:

    1. change the scaleThreshold via changing the contentScalingFileSuffixes property of your GameWindow (http://felgo.com/doc/vplay1-gamewindow.html#contentScalingFileSuffixes-prop)

    2. change the width and height of your Scene to be equal or less than the GameWindow, which of course would effect the logical size of your game field






    overwriting “contentScalingFileSuffixes” solved my problem with small Android screen images – thanks Alex


    contentScalingFileSuffixes: {
               return  {
                        "-sd2": { "scaleThreshold": 0.5, "internalContentScaleFactor": 0.5 },
                         "-sd": { "scaleThreshold": 1, "internalContentScaleFactor": 1 },
                         "-hd": { "scaleThreshold": 2, "internalContentScaleFactor": 2 },
                         "-hd2": { "scaleThreshold": 2.5, "internalContentScaleFactor": 4}

    Best Regards


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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