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    Im trying to create my push notification service using google cloud messaging and aws sns, however on all the examples I have seen I need to get a device token. How can I get it? on the examples of the code using the plugins for felgo I haven’t seen this.  I have located the user token on FirabaseAuth but it always return empty and Im not sure if this is the same property required.



    I found this method, that I didn’t see documented, is this the token I need? is only triggered the first time the app is installed:


       GoogleCloudMessaging {
            id: gcm
            enabled: true // Disables all push notifications to the subscribed topics
            onNotificationReceived: {
                console.debug("Received notification payload is", JSON.stringify(data))
            onRegistrationTokenReceived: {
                console.debug( "GCM: TOKEN RECEIVED" )
                console.debug( token )



    Felgo Team


    Yes you can use this token or you can use the OneSignal plugin (updated version) and the registrationId property.

    The FirebaseAuth token is independent from push and cannot be used in that context.





    I can’t use other plugin. I don’t have access to the api’s client, it was build to use SNS AWS with Firebase. I will pass on this information to our client but I don’t think they want to sing up and develop a change on their api for a new service. we choose to build the project on Felgo because there was a GCM plugin and a Firebase plugin

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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