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    we have designed an isometric strategy game by cocos2d-x…

    it’s a perfect framework (engine) but there are some troubles by using cocos2d. for example some classes are incomplete for desktop platforms like windows and mac…because they are focused on android and ios..

    for example when i want to make sound mute or change the game volume on pc using cocos2d, it will not affect to game…but when i export the game to android, it will affect in game… some setters and methods in pc are empty.

    etc: void SetVol(float vol){}


    but they are complete for android.. so when i want to test them in pc, it will not help me…

    also in cocos2d there are many gui classes ( for example edit text) but each of theme has some bugs and are not complete..

    i want to know some advantages of v-play to cocos2d-x…

    why i must migrate to v-play?


    Felgo Team

    Hi Hadi,

    you already mentioned some issues with c2dx like faulty desktop support, differences between platforms and faulty UI components.

    Felgo does not have these limitations, and has many more advantages over c2dx. These are summarized here.

    The most important I think is the time you save with developing with Felgo: QML is a declarative language that allows about 70% code savings compared to c2dx, while having the same performance!

    At the link above, you can see side-by-side comparisons of c2dx and Felgo code as well as a complete project written in c2dx and Felgo that amplifies this benefit.

    Also, this was the result of a survey about cross-platform tools by more than 2,000 developers globally. Cocos2d was in this survey as well, the results prove my last points..


    Which tools did you use to create your isometric game levels? Did you use Tiled, another 3rd party level editor or did you write a custom level editor?


    Cheers, Chris



    yeah…good…thanks a lot chris…

    it’s an excellent link…

    i see a good and perfect future for v-play..

    so in choosing v-play as my next engine , i gained confidence…

    thanks and good luck…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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