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Install Felgo on your Desktop

Make sure you already have downloaded the Felgo installer from the download page.

1. Platform-specific requirements


No additional steps required before installation.

You can continue below!


Download and install Xcode from app store or from the website.


For Ubuntu 17.04, Debian 8 or higher versions, open a terminal and install the following packages with:

sudo apt-get install g++ libglu1-mesa-dev libpulse-dev libglib2.0-dev build-essential

Detailed installation instructions: Felgo on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and Arch Linux.

2. Installation Guide and Video

To protect your account from unauthorized access, it is locked after three failed login attempts inside Qt Creator.

Please contact us to unlock your account if you entered your Email or password incorrectly three times.

Get Started with Apps

Learn App Development

Check out this free course on YouTube. You can also find the link in the first welcome email you received after sign-up.

Test this example on your mobile phone now! Run This Example
 import Felgo 3.0

 App {

   Navigation {
     NavigationItem {
       title: "Main"
       icon: IconType.heart

       NavigationStack {
         Page {
           title: "Main Page"
           AppButton {
             text: "Switch Theme"
             onClicked: Theme.platform = (Theme.platform === "android") ? "ios" : "android"
             anchors.centerIn: parent


     NavigationItem {
       title: "Second"
       icon: IconType.thlarge

       NavigationStack {
         Page {  title: "Second Page" }

Get Started with Games

Learn Game Development

This video guides you through the basics of developing cross-platform games with the Felgo SDK. It is also available in written form here: Getting Started with Felgo and Qt Creator

Learn the basics of creating a resolution independent layout and how to use properties, functions, timers & simple animations.

Selected genres with open-source example games that might be interesting to you:

Felgo extends Qt with 200+ APIs, Unique Tooling and Cloud Services.

Felgo at a Glance

Check out the latest handout and Felgo QML component reference. Get a quick overview about the most important Felgo features, services and most useful Felgo and Qt QML components.
Perfect to print and put on your desk!


Contact us for More Information

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Do I need a Qt commercial license for Felgo?

Felgo can be used with both the open-source and the commercial Qt licenses.


If I use the Qt open-source license, do I need to make my project open-source?

No. The Qt open-source license requires you to comply with LGPLv3, but this does not mean that you need to share your own source code.


I have existing Qt code, can I migrate and re-use it with Felgo?

Felgo adds components, tooling and services on top of the Qt core. The Qt core itself is unmodified and you will be able to use your existing code together with Felgo.


Can I use Felgo plugins for monetization, analytics and more in my Qt app?

Felgo plugins can also be integrated into Qt projects that do not use any Felgo components. You can contact us to get more info.


What happens to my published apps, if my Felgo commercial license expires?

Your published apps will stay fully functional, also after your license expires. You will not be able to release new updates that include commercial Felgo features, after your license expires.


Is Felgo open-source?

Felgo offers a free license for Personal use. Commercial users of the Business license can obtain access to the source code, based on individual agreements. Demos and examples provided by Felgo are open-source.


My question is not answered here. What can I do?

If you have questions about our licenses or billing, please get in touch with us by Email.