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App Development

Felgo provides you with the tools to create the next generation of stunning, feature-rich Apps.

We use the power of Qt, the leading cross-platform framework used by over 1,000,000 developers, and greatly enhance it for mobile devices.

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Develop Embedded

Create high performance embedded systems, with rich user interfaces.

Benefit from cross-platform development, advanced tooling and professional service and support. Felgo is an official Qt Technology Partner.

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Game Development

Creating cross-platform games has never been faster and easier. It's your turn to create the next big hit!

Use our open-source demo games and tutorials for the most common game genres.

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Add leading third-party services to your apps and games

Integrate services for ads, analytics and more. Felgo Plugins offer a convenient way to fast-forward app and game development.

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Live Code Reload

Stop waiting for build, package and deployment steps.

Felgo Live helps you boost your development speed, by reloading your Qt QML & JavaScript code simultaneously on every connected device, immediately after saving.

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Game Network

Felgo Game Network is the cross-platform gaming service that connects players around the world to compete with game highscores and achievements. This will increase your player retention and bring new installs to your game.

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Real-time or turn-based, Felgo Multiplayer allows you to connect players world-wide and cross-platform. Easier than ever!

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Level Editor

On-device level creation and balancing, both for developers and players.

Let your users create content and monetize it with a level store.

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  • Felgo Game Engine

    The source of all great casual 2D games!

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    Focus on 2D Casual Games

    The focus on 2D casual games allows a great feature set for building mobile games with an outstanding user experience. To make sure you have a head-start in game development, Felgo includes the full source code of live App Store games for some of the most popular genres. Use them as gaming templates to quickly create games like tower defenses, platformers like Doodle Jump, physics games, side scrollers or action games.

    Component Based

    Felgo provides components for handling multiple display resolutions and aspect ratios, animations, particles, Box2D physics, multi-touch and more to build games in just days. For a full list of the components (the API Reference) see http://felgo.com/doc/felgo-group/.

    Declarative Language Features

    Your game is written in JavaScript and QML, a declarative language offering highly productive features such as property bindings, state machines or fluid animations of any property. With QML, you'll be able to write 10 times less code compared with C++, which also means 10 times less error sources.

    These features in conjunction with the Felgo gaming components will give the prototyping and development of your game an even bigger boost.

    Native Performance

    Although game logic is provided in JavaScript by you, performance-critical parts of the engine like OpenGL ES rendering or particle effects are implemented in rock-solid C++, providing the ultimate performance your game deserves.

    Multi Platform

    Felgo games can be deployed to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux and also on embedded devices like Raspberry Pi.

    Resolution & Aspect Ratio Independence

    Felgo is built to handle all possible aspect ratios and resolutions of modern mobile devices. Simply design your game once for a logical scene and Felgo will take care of the rest. This means no black borders or distorted images, but a native look for smartphones, tablets and desktops with a single code version.

    Felgo even loads different image bundles based on the devices' pixel density to save expensive memory resources.

    Social Services and Monetization

    With existing plugins for most important gaming services you'll be ready to take your game to the next level: in-app purchases, game and social network integration (such as Game Center and Facebook), ads (with Chartboost and AdMob) and analytics (such as Flurry) are all available across platforms. All services are fully documented and come with example code.

    Level Editor

    Use the built-in Level Editor components to allow your players to quickly create their own levels and share and rate them over social networks directly on their device. Give them the power to build a community around your game and save time on content production.

    You can also use the editor to create levels quickly during development and further cut development time and costs. It'll also allow you to see the balancing changes immediately while your game is running, without having to restart the app.

    The in-game level editor enables your game to add user-generated content to your game: Your players can share their levels with the whole game community with benefits for you and your players. See the benefits here.

    Level Store

    Use the future of game monetization, ready today with Felgo: monetize the user-generated levels with in-app purchases.

    You can charge for the levels made by your players and reward your best level creators with the Felgo LevelStore, easily integrated and customized in your game.

    Multi-touch & Gestures

    Felgo handles as many touches as your device is able to recognize. Make objects draggable with just a single line of code, or use the available multi-touch components to work with pinch, pan, swipe and rotation gestures.


    Felgo uses the latest version of Box2D, the most popular C++ engine for simulating rigid bodies in 2D. You can use collisions, joints and continuous physics right in your gaming entities. You can also choose to use the physics components only for collision detection.

    Native Dialogs and Functionality

    Sometimes you'll run into situations that require some user input or notifications. Felgo has abstracted components for displaying native input dialogs and alert boxes without the need of a single native code line.

    It's also possible to use accelerometer or open a web view to display your website right out of your game.

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  • Felgo Apps

    Create the next generation of cross-platform apps

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    Single Code Base

    Felgo Apps is the new way to create feature-rich, cross-platform native apps in no time at all. Make Android apps, iOS apps and Desktop applications all in one go. The SDK enables you to use powerful components from a single code base to get a native look and feel on your favorite mobile platforms.

    Fluid Animations

    You won't find another cross-platform app framework and IDE that makes it easier to define powerful animations and feature-rich user interfaces for Android and iOS. Thanks to Qt Quick you define your animations & user interface transitions on your app's state changes only once in an intuitive way.

    Pixel-Perfect Layouts

    Use the free IDE to design your screens in no time with powerful positioning, anchoring, auto-updating positions and useful layouts components. Support all screen resolutions, aspect ratios and sizes with auto-adapting UI elements. Enjoy perfect layouts on both Android and iOS devices.

    Native Look and Feel

    Get a native look and feel from a single code base, like a navigation drawer on Android vs tabs on iOS.

    Auto-adapting UI

    Create one app and support every device, with responsive layout components that adapt to any screen.

    Native Performance

    Felgo Apps run fully native on devices. No wrapper, no hybrid. Enjoy full performance instead.

    Native Device Features

    Access to Camera, Sensors, File System and many more native device features are already shipped. If you miss anything, you can extend your project with custom C++ code or native code like Obj-C or Java.

    Networking and Connectivity

    Choose from a broad range of connections, like TCP/UDP, XmlHttpRequest, WebSockets, Bluetooth LE, NFC, whatever suits your needs.

    Social Services and Monetization

    With existing plugins for most important services you'll be ready to take your app to the next level: in-app purchases, social network integration (such as Facebook), ads (with Chartboost and AdMob) and analytics (such as Flurry) are all available across platforms. All services are fully documented and come with example code.

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  • Qt Creator IDE

    Cross platform IDE for developing Felgo based games

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    Code Completion

    The provided code editor supports editing QML and JavaScript code with context-sensitive help, code completion of Felgo components, navigation between components and more.

    Debugging and Profiling

    Qt Creator includes a QML debugger and profiler allowing you to debug your custom components and JavaScript functions. It even allows you to inspect and change property values and QML code at runtime and to immediately see the changes, as well as being able to measure the time of element creation and binding evaluations.

    Live Issues

    Just like spelling errors in your text program, Qt Creator highlights syntax error or broken paths in your QML source files, without the need to build your game first.

    Quick Help

    The Qt Quick and Felgo components documentation is integrated right into the IDE, meaning the currently entered component reference and coding examples are only one "F1" keystroke away.

    Integrated UI Designer

    The integrated UI Designer allows you to rapidly design widgets and dialogs for your game menus and HUDs. You can even add different states to your custom elements while in design mode.

    Version Control

    Version control is the developer's bank vault. Our IDE provides built-in plugins for the most popular source code management tools, including, git, mercurial, Subversion/SVN, CVS, Bazaar and Perforce.

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  • Felgo Game Network

    Felgo Game Network is the cross-platform gaming service that allows players around the world to compete with game highscores and achievements. True cross-platform support allows your players to compete on iOS, Android and the desktop platforms Windows, Mac and Linux. Felgo Game Network will increase your player retention and bring new installs to your game – read on to see how.

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    Fully Integrated in Felgo Game Engine, Simple QML API

    Felgo Game Network comes fully integrated within Felgo Game Engine and can be integrated in less than 10 minutes. Like with any other Felgo component you can use properties and signals to get notified when important things happen, e.g. when a player connected with Facebook, reached a new highscore or unlocked an achievement.

    Cross-Platform Achievements

    Reward your players with achievements for reaching certain goals in your game and to give them more incentive to keep playing your game. If connected with Facebook achievements get even synced between different devices of a single player.

    Cross-Platform Leaderboards

    In most games players can reach highscores representing how well a player has done in the game. With Felgo Game Network you can use leaderboards to let players compare against each other in a competitive way, keeping them playing. You can either display all scores across all platforms on one leaderboard or filter the leaderboards based on platform, time or users.

    Cross-Platform Challenges

    Challenges are a powerful tool to increase player retention as they motivate players to beat a friend's score, especially if you reward them for won challenges for example with in-game credits. Compared to other gaming services, challenges in Felgo Game Network are highly flexible: You can add own challenge game modes, create own leaderboards to let the best challengers compare their scores, or simply provide challenges based on the current highscore the player has.

    Cloud Storage

    With the WebStorage component, storing your data in the cloud is as easy as it can be: You can use it to synchronize your players' data across multiple devices or to change the balancing of your game remotely from our web dashboard, without the need of pushing a new update to the app stores.

    No Extra Accounts or Registrations Required

    Players do not need to create an extra account to compare their higshcores or achievements across platforms, which leads to a high adoption rate. A login with Facebook is available, but not a requirement for players to use the gaming services. This is a key benefit over other gaming services forcing a registration: In our games we have seen high drop-out rates up to 60% of players who do not use other services because of privacy concerns or feeling unconfident connecting a game with their Facebook account – with Felgo Game Network you can also satisfy these players!

    Full Offline Support

    Highscores, achievements and the web storage can be used even when your players have no Internet connection and get synced automatically as soon as the Internet connection is available again.

    Fully customizable UI

    Felgo Game Network comes with a ready-made UI allowing you to integrate it in 10 minutes in your game. However, with the strength of QML you can fully customize all views to your game easily and give it an extra-polished look and match it to your game's style.

    Export Player Data

    Export your game's player data and use it for example for sending newsletters to bring your players back to the game or to promote your other games.

    Sharing to Game Center

    With a single API call, you can report your game progress to Felgo Game Network and also to Apple Game Center. So your players can use both their familiar game service on iOS and also compare their progress with players on other platforms.

    Easy Facebook Integration

    Let your players connect with Facebook with a single QML call. We have integrated posting the player's score and achievements to your player's timeline, so the most important Facebook functionality to bring new downloads and make your players return to your games is already built-in.

    Level Sharing

    With Felgo Game Network, you can let your players share their user-generated levels easily. This means constant level updates for your players and saves you the time for additional level packs. Even more, you can charge for the levels made by your players and reward your best level creators with the Felgo Level Store, fully customizable to your game. This revolutionary addition and unique feature of Felgo is now available and will help your game stand out.

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  • Felgo Plugins

    Add leading third-party services to your apps and games

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    Time to Market

    No need to re-invent the wheel. Integrate third party services and platform-specific functionality into your Qt 5 apps & games. Felgo Plugins save you weeks in comparison with in-house development, both during implementation and later on for maintaining and updating third-party libraries.

    Easy Integration

    Integrate Felgo Plugins right within your existing QML or C++ code without the hassle of dealing with platform-specific source files or libraries. Posting a status update to Facebook or displaying an ad banner is as easy as adding a rectangle item to your code.

    Native Cross-Platform

    Felgo Plugins use native, platform-specific functionality, meaning that your app seamlessly integrates with existing platform experiences. Felgo Plugins incorporate platform-specific human interface guidelines and follow best-practices down to the detail.

    Monetize Effectively

    More than 80% of all app revenue comes from advertising & in-app purchases, two features which are fully supported with Felgo Plugins.

    Engage your Users

    One of the toughest challenges as of todays app environment is to keep your users within your app. Connect your users across the world and give them the incentive to compete against each other.

    Get Insights

    Improving an app is difficult without having insights into your users behavior. Integrate one of the analytics plugins to learn more about your users and let you help decide which feature will make it into the next release.

    Socialize and Promote

    Let your users do the marketing for you by sharing their success and inviting new users.

    Keep Users Active

    Make your users come back to your game by sending them push notifications.

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  • Felgo Level Editor

    In-game level creation & balancing, user-generated content and monetization

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    In-Game Level Creation & Editing

    A level consists of the balancing settings in your game, and of game entities placed in the level in a fun and challenging way. By using the Felgo Level Editor, you get all the components for dragging & rotating your game objects into a level and then storing and loading them together with your balancing settings. That way, you can easily make different levels very easily & fast.

    In-Game Balancing

    The Felgo level editor allows you to optimize your game properties, while your game is running! Just move a slider and change the property until you have the best result, in a matter of minutes. No need to re-start your game over and over again to balance it!

    Easy Editor Integration

    With just a few lines of code you can add the Level Editor components to any type of game. Make use of the integrated drag & drop controls and save & load mechanism. Saving & loading levels is just a single API call. And when you're happy with your level, you can export it easily to bundle it with your game binary.

    Fully Customizable

    Customize the look of the level editor to perfectly match your game style, or use the default Felgo skin for quick results.

    Give the Power to Your Players

    Because the Felgo Level Editor works in-game while you are playing, you can give this power to your players and let them create their own levels!

    Monetize User-Generated Content with a Level Store

    The Felgo component LevelStore wraps all the player rewarding & level download functionality and combines it with a cross-platform in-app purchase plugin. It also ensures that once the player has downloaded a level, that it's playable offline. If your player is using multiple devices, it'll also ensure that all the purchased levels are synchronized across platforms with the Felgo Game Network cloud sync components. You can also view this concept as an app store for levels – your game contains an own ecosystem of downloadable levels that can be purchased and rated. It's just like the Apple or Google app stores, but with user-generated levels instead of apps.

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