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Felgo Level Editor

In-game Level Creation & Balancing  ·  User-Generated Content  ·  Monetization

Why did we create the Felgo Level Editor?

Level creation & balancing is the most time-consuming task in 2D game development. Thus most developers create their own, specialized editor for their game to make level creation most efficient.

Felgo Level Editor is like an editor toolbox to rapidly create content for any game you want.
No matter if you create a platformer, a puzzle game, action game, Match-3 or a Clash of Clans like game – you can use the Felgo Level Editor for super-fast level creation & balancing, and even give this power to your players!

Free Samples with Complete Editor Features

We already took the time to prepare full-fledged demo games with complete Level Editor features. All of the demos are open source and ready to be used for your own projects. Including a similar level editor in your own game has never been easier!

Especially our brand-new Level Editor for Platformers (similar to Super Mario Maker) is definitely worth a look:

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In-Game Level Creation & Editing

A level consists of the balancing settings in your game, and of game entities placed in the level in a fun and challenging way. By using the Felgo Level Editor, you get all the components for dragging & rotating your game objects into a level and then storing and loading them together with your balancing settings.

That way, you can make different levels very easy & fast.

In-Game Balancing

The Felgo level editor allows you to optimize your game properties, while your game is running! Just move a slider and change the property until you have the best result, in a matter of minutes. No need to re-start your game over and over again to balance it!

Just change the value of any game property, for example:

  • movement speed of your character
  • friction of your physics object
  • accelerometer sensitivity

Easy Editor Integration

With just a few lines of code you can add the Level Editor components to any type of game. Make use of the integrated drag & drop controls and save & load mechanism.

Saving & loading levels is just a single API call. And when you're happy with your level, you can export it easily to bundle it with your game binary.

Fully Customizable

Customize the look of the level editor to perfectly match your game style, or use the default Felgo skin for quick results.

Give the Power to Your Players

Because the Felgo Level Editor works in-game while you are playing, you can give this power to your players and let them create their own levels!

  • Players return to your game more often because there's a never-ending stream of content and always something new to explore Increase of Player Retention.
  • Your game downloads will increase due to the word-of-mouth marketing of user-generated levels created by your players.
  • There's no need to create constant level updates to keep your game interesting after you've published it - the community does this for you!

Advanced Felgo Features

With Felgo you can create a game powering UGC rapidly, as publishing a level is just a single API call with the in-game editor.

  • Allow players to rank levels to create a level quality rating determined by the community.
  • Order player levels based on download numbers, level rating, or by date to find the newest levels.
  • Filter the levels to only show levels made by friends.
  • Add a leaderboard for each user-generated level, so that players can compete with highscores in infinite user-generated levels.
  • Reward players for good levels.

Monetize User-Generated Content with a Level Store

The Felgo component LevelStore wraps all the player rewarding & level download functionality and combines it with a cross-platform in-app purchase plugin. It also ensures that once the player has downloaded a level, that it's playable offline. If your player is using multiple devices, it'll also ensure that all the purchased levels are synchronized across platforms with the Felgo Game Network cloud sync components.

You can also view this concept as an app store for levels – your game contains an own ecosystem of downloadable levels that can be purchased and rated. It's just like the Apple or Google app stores, but with user-generated levels instead of apps.


In essence, we have built a back-end for level ordering, storing and level analytics. Plus the in-game editor components as customizable front-end that you can use in any type of your games. The Felgo components are communicating with the server backend, so you are all set with just a couple of method calls on the client side.

Even if you don't use the level sharing functionality, using an in-game editor has big advantages over offline editor tools: much shorter content creation time leads to better games, as balancing and level creation work on the fly on all platforms, even on tablets and phones.


3. Try the Samples

There are 2 Felgo games in the app stores using the in-game editor features:

Squaby Squaby

Tower Defense Game

Stack And Friends Stack And Friends

Arcade Stacking Game

Download them in the app stores or try them in the Felgo Sample Launcher, together with the other examples in the Felgo Level Editor section.

All games & examples come with full source code in the Felgo SDK, so you can have a look at how they were built!
The level editor comes with the Free Felgo Plan and is ready for you to try.

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