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Felgo Multiplayer

Create Real-Time & Turn-Based Multiplayer Games with Ease

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ONU – Free & Open-Source Multiplayer Example Game

Felgo Multiplayer has been used to launch numerous games. For example ONU, a successful 4-player card game based on the popular UNO game. The full source code for ONU, is available for free in the Felgo SDK.

Live in the app stores
200.000+ downloads in the first month

The player retention rates and engagement metrics are also way above the industry standard, thanks to the multiplayer features. You as a developer can use the full source code as a best practice for multiplayer integration and create your own multiplayer games within a few days.

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Real-Time and Turn-Based Multiplayer Support

Felgo Multiplayer supports both real-time and turn-based gameplay, so you can use it to make many different types of multiplayer games. It's perfect for making player-vs-player games like 'Words with Friends' or games for a large amount of players, such as 'Clash of Clans'.

With Felgo Multiplayer, you can now rival these games and make whatever kind of multiplayer game you like.

Matchmaking and ELO Rating System

Felgo Multiplayer includes a matchmaking feature that allows you to play with your friends or join already running games. It also includes an ELO Rating System that matches players against opponents of a similar skill level to ensure competitive gameplay.

Friend System and Social Features

Felgo Multiplayer lets you add your friends or make new friends with players you meet in-game. You can also compare your highscore with your friend’s in a dedicated Friends leaderboard.

These leaderboards are sure to increase your retention and engagement rates as players compete against friends and international players to reach the top of the rankings.

Interactive Chat & Push Notification

Felgo Multiplayer features a messaging system so you can chat with your friends, even if they’re not online. This makes it easy to discuss games or arrange future matches. Best of all, Felgo Multiplayer sends Push Notifications to players when they receive new messages or game invites.

In-Game Chat

Felgo Multiplayer allows players to communicate during gameplay with an in-game chat feature. Players can use it to discuss game results with one another, message their friends or chat about the latest news with people from all over the world, right in a running game.

This feature adds a strong social element to any multiplayer game and creates an engaging experience for young and old players alike.

Example Implementation

This is an example of a minimum QML implementation of a turn-based multiplayer game. It features the default matchmaking UI and players take turns in clicking one button.


The default matchmaking UI allows you to create games, join games and even invite other players and friends.

Turn-Based Gameplay

Only one player is active at a time. The server is notifying each player when it's their turn.

Get your own gameId

You can run this example with the gameId we provided, or you can create your own gameId in the Felgo Game Network Web Dashboard.

 import Felgo 3.0
 import QtQuick 2.0

 GameWindow {
   id: gameWindow

   FelgoGameNetwork {
     id: gameNetwork
     gameId: 251 // create your own gameId in the Web Dashboard
     secret: "averygoodsecret"
     multiplayerItem: multiplayer

   FelgoMultiplayer {
     id: multiplayer
     appKey: '24e9abae-1abc-41d6-8a46-ce4622c928e8'
     gameNetworkItem: gameNetwork
     multiplayerView: multiplayerView
     playerCount: 2
     onGameStarted: { // this signal is emited when the multiplayer game starts
       matchmakingScene.visible = false // hide the matchmaking scene
       gameScene.visible = true // and show the game scene instead

   Scene { // our matchmaking scene
     id: matchmakingScene

     MultiplayerView { // adds the default multiplayer UI
       id: multiplayerView

   Scene { // our game scene
     id: gameScene
     visible: false // hidden at startup, shown when the multiplayer game starts

     StyledButton {
       anchors.centerIn: parent
       // we use property bindings to check if it's our turn
       // we could also listen to the signals of the multiplayer item instead
       enabled: multiplayer.myTurn // enable this button only if it is my turn
       color: multiplayer.myTurn ? "lightgreen" : "grey"
       text: multiplayer.amLeader ? "PING" : "PONG" // host: "PING", player: "PONG"
       onClicked: {
         multiplayer.triggerNextTurn() // finished turn on button click

True Cross-Platform

Just like other Felgo features, Felgo Multiplayer is a cross-platform solution. This means that your game will work on both iOS and Android devices, but also that players on iOS devices can play against Android users. Felgo Multiplayer also works on Windows Phone and Desktop platforms, including Windows, macOS and Linux.

Easy Integration

The Felgo Multiplayer component can be included in your game with less than 100 lines of code. This means that you can integrate this feature into your game in less than 10 minutes.

You can use the documentation found here to find out how to add this feature to your game. Just copy and paste the code snippet into the GameWindow of your game to add the Felgo Multiplayer feature.

Other Multiplayer Examples

There are also other multiplayer examples available that help you to get started with full source code.You can find these examples in the free Felgo SDK in the folder <Your FelgoSDK>/Examples/Felgo/examples/multiplayer

Simple turn-based Multiplayer Example

The whole example is just 100 lines of code and shows the key features of Felgo Multiplayer with a minimalistic game.


Advanced Multiplayer Example

This example shows all API calls of Felgo Multiplayer.

Qt_Technology_Partner_RGB_475 Qt_Service_Partner_RGB_475_padded