One Card! - Multiplayer Card Game

"One Card!" is a turn-based multiplayer card game similar to the popular card game UNO. It showcases many Felgo Multiplayer features like matchmaking, the in-game chat and the friend system.

Genre Multiplayer Card Game
Complexity Medium
Tutorial How to add Felgo Multiplayer to Your Game
Project Location <Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/demos/OneCard/
To run this demo, open the .pro file with Qt Creator. This demo is also available for quick testing with the Felgo Sample Launcher
Published iOS and Android


"One Card!" is a turn-based multiplayer card game similar to the popular card game UNO.

It showcases many Felgo Multiplayer features like:

  • Matchmaking and ELO Rating: Players can invite friends to games or join already existing game rooms. The ELO Rating System matches players based on their skill level to ensure competitive gameplay.
  • In-Game Chat: Allows users to chat with other players in the room during a game. It is also possible to send personal messages and game invites to friends.
  • Friend System: To make playing with friends easier, players can add friends or make new friends with users they already played with. A dedicated friends leaderboard allows to compare your highscore with your friends.
  • Push Notifications: If users are not playing the game, they receive push notifications whenever another player sends a personal message, friend request or game invite.

The game also integrates the Flurry and Google Analytics plugins to track the player behavior.

To learn how to add Felgo Multiplayer to your game see here.

We also provide the full source code of "One Card!" made with Felgo in the Felgo SDK demos and examples.

Used Felgo Features
  • Felgo Multiplayer
    • Play games with other players around the world.
    • Make friends and challenge them for matches.
    • Chat with your friends or your opponents during a game.
    • Show push notifications by OneSignal for game invites, chat messages or friend requests from other players.
  • FelgoGameNetwork: Climb the highscore ranks and compare your score with the other players or friends.
  • Flurry Plugin and Google Analytics Plugin: Track the user behavior to improve the game.



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