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    Hi Felgo team,

    Is it possible to downgrade or install an older version of the Felgo installation (from Qt 5.10 to 5.9)? I’m currently running Felgo 2.15.0

    Qt 5.10 dropped support for some old iOS architectures (armv7s for example). Unfortunately, many of my test devices are this architecture and running iOS 10.


    Felgo Team

    Hi Alexander,

    We currently to not provide an easy downgrade path, can you please send us an email to support@felgo.com to further discuss the topic?

    Many thanks,

    Alex from Felgo



    Hi all,
    I didn’t check before, looked only at supported iOS version, and 10 was acceptable for me.
    But yeah, dropping iPhone 5c and normal iPhone 5 is a different story.
    Didn’t check it before.

    I am not sure if the way Qt handles iOS support is good enough.
    The stuff they drop.
    Need to think is this a reliable way to do long term supported apps, for example with Unity 3d the situation is much better I think.
    Will check Qt forums what is the opinion there.

    Another check shows that Qt follows what really Apple is doing.
    Looks like Aplle also dropped upgrades(no iOS 11 for example) for anything below armv8 so no iPhone5 and no iPhone5c.



    This is correct Marcin,

    In the long term, I can understand why Qt opted for this route. If Apple no longer supports those devices, why should Qt?

    However, many businesses will still be using older devices and rely on ad-hoc distribution of internal apps (which is my case). Asking a business to jump out and upgrade is sometimes not feasible.



    Hi Alexander,
    From business point of view of course you can see their idea, but I agree, dropping support completely is not always the best.
    Option : “not officially supported, but still possible to use” or similar would be easier to swallow.
    Not sure if that would be possible from technical point of view.



    I believe Qt 5.9 has LTS which combats this problem and will continue to support these older devices for many years.

    Unfortunately, Felgo has no LTS or downgrade option. Hopefully, this can be provided easily to developers who need it.




    Felgo Team

    Hi guys,

    Good news: For Felgo users with an active subscription we now offer to “pin” a user account to a specific Felgo (and therefore Qt) version. Just write us a short message with the preferred version to support@felgo.com and we can get things set up for you.


    Alex from Felgo



    Hi Alex,
    This is awesome!
    I imagine this is some extra pain and maintenance time you need to spend(means it just costs you more money) but it is greatly appreciated.
    The situations, when I for example wanted to pin my version, weren’t often but already happened some time ago.


    Plus, when you release an update to existing product this can be a big saver.
    You don’t always want to upgrade Qt version if it is risky, or you don’t have time to change some bits in your game because some behavior has changed.


    Thank you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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