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    paul grant


    Where can I find the firebase plugin demo code?

    Does this integration use:

    Firebase Web


    Firebase IOS/Android


    Firebase c++


    Finally do I need a license to trial build the firebase demo code?


    Paul Grant





    Felgo Team

    Hi Paul!

    I’ve seen that you’ve run into some issues that you posted here: https://felgo.com/developers/forums/t/always-get-trial-watermark-on-firebase-plugin-and-cannot-make-it-function

    Based on your description there I get you already found the Plugin Integration steps and code snippets in our Firebase documentation, and the PluginDemo project as well. Let’s tackle your issues in the new above topic then.

    Regarding your other questions:

    • The firebase plugin uses the native Android/iOS Framework
    • To use the plugin without the trial mark and dialogs, a license key that activates the plugin for your app is required.




    paul grant


    I’ve given up with the plugin demo code, I’ve instead followed you instructions to

    creating a reference firebase app.

    When I follow these instructions, the addition of the addition of license key does remove the

    watermark, however I get the following errors/warnings:

    1. If I try to use the plug on linux or x86 android emulator:
      Warning: Plugin “VPlay.plugins.firebase” disabled: Plugin not supported on this platform 
      Which platforms are plugin supported on?
    2. If I move to an Android device (sony 4.4.4 tablet), I no longer get the plugin not supported message, but I
      get the following errors in the debug pane:
      Local module descriptor class for com.google.firebase.auth not found.
      and ‘An issue occurred’ popup, which says the :
      email address is badly formatted

      Looking at the manifest permissions, I noticed that no internet access was granted:
      So I added permissions for ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE,  ACCESS_WIFI_STATE, INTERNET etc

      Can you help, as I’m on a up against it on timescale!




    Hi Paul,
    I think I can help you with the first question.
    Most of the plugins from Felgo are only available/work on iOS and Android devices.
    Mostly when they use native libraries/SDKs.
    That is the case with Firebase, but also with Chartboost or AdMOb etc
    Mostly because Felgo integrates the mobile SDKs there not desktop one(sometimes desktop SDK is not even available).

    Some Felgo plugins are available also on desktop, for example Game Network.

    Bottom line: 3rd party plugins which are just wrappers to use in Felgo for native SDK: mostly only mobile.
    Homemade by Felgo: big chance it also works on desktop, in general everywhere where you can compile it.


    paul grant

    Hi Marcin,

    Thanks for the clarification. When searching for the forum for the reason why the Firebase plugin

    was not working I came across this:


    which discusses Firebase plugin as thought it worked on Linux, but it may be context why its misleading!?!


    My big problem is that I can’t  get the plugin to work on even a native Android device, and documentation
    is less than clear!








    Hi Paul,
    That is interesting, the link you posted.
    I am afraid that can be related to the ability to even run/compile application which uses Firebase on LInux.
    For sure the error info you get on Linux is typical for other 3rd party plugins which Felgo supports only on mobile.

    As for documentation, agree not always perfect 🙂
    Firebase is a new plugin so definitely Felgo devs are more than happy to improve the docs where needed.

    I didn’t test that plugin yet, if I did maybe I would be able to help you more.


    paul grant

    Hi Marcin,

    I think your exactly right, I think it just a misleading context in the forum topic I attached!

    Thanks again!



    Felgo Team

    Hi Paul!

    The removed watermarks is a good sign – the plugin activation issue is solved then.

    Regarding the “email address badly formatted” issue:
    Can you send your reference firebase demo project that shows the issue to support@felgo.com?

    We will have a look as soon as possible!

    Günther Teufl

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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