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    V-Play Team

    Hi Bas!

    Did you install Felgo / Qt Creator with your admin user account?
    Maybe Qt Creator now does not have read/write access to some installed files when running Qt Creator without admin rights?




    hi Gunther,


    I installed with my account with admin rights yes.

    but I am not shure why this happened, but I think it has todo with my OS and not with V-play/QT.

    it is working now, I told the qtcreator exe to run as admin.





    Installed on Windows10 using the downloaded installer and tried to load the CarChallenge3D example then got:


    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component

    file:///C:/FelgoSDK/Examples/Felgo/demos/build-CarChallenge3D-V_Play_Desktop_Qt_5_10_1_MinGW-Debug/qml/CarChallenge3DMain.qml:79 Type Scene3DVPlay unavailable

    qrc:///qml/VPlay/3d/Scene3DVPlay.qml:4 plugin cannot be loaded for module “QtQuick.Scene3D”: Cannot load library C:\FelgoSDK\Felgo\mingw_32\qml\QtQuick\Scene3D\qtquickscene3dplugin.dll: The specified module could not be found.

    The program has unexpectedly finished.

    The process was ended forcefully.

    C:/FelgoSDK/Examples/Felgo/demos/build-CarChallenge3D-V_Play_Desktop_Qt_5_10_1_MinGW-Debug/debug/CarChallenge3D.exe crashed.


    V-Play Team

    Hi Pat,

    the CarChallenge demo was built on the tech preview version of the Qt3D APIs. As these got changed internally, we did not add them to Felgo so far as we did not update them yet. This is also why the CarChallenge3D demo is currently not running. We decided to keep this demo in the Felgo installer though, because it shows how you can use 2D physics and the same game API with both 2D and 3D rendering. You can find the blog post with a video about it here:



    If you’d like to add 3D rendering to your Felgo apps or games, you can either add the Qt3D components yourself, or contact us for assistance here to cover this with a support hour package.

    Cheers, Chris




    I installed Felgo yesterday in fresh Windows 10 and I had no Kits and for some reason the UI when start show some tabs about tutorial and then switch back to the old UI and give me an error ( too many files opened ). Today I switched to Linux since it is my main operating system and the same thing happen. also happened when I upgrade Felgo in my old laptop.


    can any one tell me what to do. Please.



    So it is the same project you try to run on different machines with different OS?




    I had a laptop with Arch Linux and I was using Felgo the previous version and I upgrade to the new version ( the current version ). The kits (arm, 86) dispersed and some UI problems. I received my new laptop and it has windows 10 preinstalled and I tried Felgo in windows and it faces the same issues. I format my laptop and installed arch and installed Felgo. But still the same problems.


    The link bellow a screen shot when I run Qt:

    Stuck for a 2 second and then the next one

    The next screen shot after it stuck and give me before an error (too many files opened)

    this UI stay


    The other problem is with kits and as you can see it does not show any installed kits except the Desktop.

    the Kits



    I hope this clear every thing and I hope some one in the Felgo team help out.


    V-Play Team


    can you check the Android settings in Qt Creator (Tools > Options > Devices > Android) to see if there is a potential issue? What SDK and NDK version are you using?

    For the UI issue, are you stuck in the welcome screen and cannot open/edit any projects? Does it get responsive again after waiting some seconds?


Viewing 8 posts - 91 through 98 (of 98 total)

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