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    I don’t undestand the generate licence keys, I already sent my app to Itunesconnect and was preparing the android version, until I read the the documentation to prepare the app for 64 bits, as explained here: https://felgo.com/blog/android-64-bit-support-felgo-qt-cloud-builds It said you need TWO diferent felgo licences. The moment I generate the second license, the iOS version began to crash!


    Now I get this message:

    Felgo Licence Reminder

    The licence key is invalid, Do you want to request a new licenseKey now?


    I already try to left the project how it was, and can’t make it work!, I got that error even if I generate a completly new license with a new product version code..


    If I generate a new license, it invalidate the other one?  then  how I suppose to have two different licenses ?


    I don’t understand, hope you can answer my question asap, since this already crash the iOS in the middle of the Apple revision


    Felgo Team


    are you using cloud builds or are you building the apps manually with Qt Creator?

    Cloud Builds will handle all the license keys and app identifiers automatically, you only need to make sure that the project is following the latest format, concerning *.pro, Project-Info.plist (ios) and build.gradle (android). You can see the latest changes in the changelog or just compare the files with a new empty Felgo project created from the wizard in Qt Creator.

    For manual building, your mentioned post contains a hint how to handle the different architectures in your *.pro file.

    In general, a Felgo license key is always bound to a single version code. So this is what you want to have, e.g. if your current version code would be 14:

    • iOS: Version Code 14 and a license key generated for this version code
    • Android armv7: Also use Version Code 14, with the same license key
    • Android 64 bit: Increase version code to 15 and generate a new license key for this version code

    This is also what cloud builds will do for you.

    If you want to use cloud builds and use store deployment but do NOT want to make use of the automatic license key generation feature, you could make 2 separate projects in cloud builds, one for iOS and one for Android, so your manual license key changes will not overwrite the store version of the other platform.

    I hope this helps you to figure out your problems.




    Thank you I will have that in mind however the problem is when Im testing/debuging my app on emulator or my devices, because I can’t do anything since that error closes the app. The problem, I belive, is that something wasn’t being cleared correctly, and didn’t apply the changes I did on my ‘.PRO’ file. This was more evident after I upgrated the xcode, now in the ‘General’ tab (on xcode) the project properties ‘version’ and ‘build’ are cleared when I ‘clear’ the project on Qt Creator. In the previous xcode version this didn’t happen ( and it was very frustrating ) the values on xcode where the ones I inputted on the  ‘.pro’ file, everything looked configured properly and still were having the ‘invalid licence’ error.


    Now I just update ‘version’ and ‘build’  on xcode, when I rebuild the project and work again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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