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Felgo Success Story

The Felgo Professional Services team helped Telenav to develop an application for the next-generation of electric cars in time, in budget & with additional functionalities.

Successfully addressed a complex, dynamically changing
        scope & met all targets

Expert know-how & efficient knowledge transfer

Easy working relationship across multiple time zones

Scalable outsourcing, flexible team size

Why Cristian and Telenav chose Felgo in a nutshell:

Feature-rich APIs served as impressive reference

High level of QML expertise & extensive experience

Seamless communication & way of working

Flexibility to scale & deliver complex products in time

How Felgo helps Qt Developers & Engineers to succeed

The Challenge

Telenav, a software company in the automotive industry, creates HMI (Human Machine Interface) software solutions for, among others, GM, Ford & Toyota.

The team needed to code a navigation app boasting a new feature set and being optimized for completely new screen sizes for electric cars. Fast.

The Solution

Telenav believes in a "UX first" approach. They rely on their proprietary empirical data to understand & help users with "things they don't even know they need yet".

To be able to focus even more on this sophisticated methodology, Telenav needed a partner with broad experience in Qt & QML development.  A partner who could get up to speed quickly and execute flexibly and reliably.

The Felgo team provided exactly that. After a kick-off workshop, Telenav relied on Felgo to take on the QML code.

The Outcome

With the help of Felgo Professional Services, Telenav was able to focus even more on the quality: they hit the ground running after a successful knowledge transfer from our QML experts. Together, the teams managed to release a cutting-edge app ready to use in the next-gen of electric cars in time, within budget and with additional functionalities.

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What our Customers Say


If I only knew about Felgo before! It would have saved us about 50% of the development time compared to plain Qt, and we would have been able to focus on the app itself, instead of recreating problem solutions that are already provided by Felgo, and that are not unique or specific for our app.

So, please: Don’t make the same mistakes, use Felgo! Just as we will, from now on.

Oliver Kuss


"We use Felgo because of the integrated plugins, the live code reloading and the nice looking native components. It just saves so much time & makes my life easy!"

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"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

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