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Felgo Success Story

UpdatePromise developed their mobile app in 1/3 of their estimated time, by utilizing the Felgo SDK and outsourcing to Felgo Development Services.

Car repair & insurance management application

 Massive time savings with QML Hot Reload

 Felgo SDK integrated well with custom libraries

Convinced of Felgo's Qt expertise and commitment

Felgo became a true partner and not just a vendor

Why Jake & Update Promise chose Felgo in a nutshell:

The Felgo team doesn't just fulfill requirements, it proactively strives to make our customer's apps the best on the market.

We are relying on the well-proven Felgo SDK to cut down code by up to 90% and therefore accelerate development, especially cross-platform, massively.

Felgo's customer-first approach, emphasizing an easy relationship to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

Dedicated support & on-demand professional services allow customers to address rapidly changing environments & meet project deadlines more easily.

How Felgo helps Qt Developers & Engineers to succeed

The Challenge

UpdatePromise develops apps “by Automotive Professionals, for Automotive Professionals”. By now, over 12,000 Automotive Repair Facilities and 8 out of the top 10 national Auto Insurance companies utilize UpdatePromise as part of their claims process.

For this project, a mobile app for iOS & Android was commissioned that allows users to find, choose and book a car repair shop of their choice across the US.

The Solution

Knowing & already utilizing the Felgo SDK, Felgo earned the trust of the team at UpdatePromise. For UpdatePromise, that meant already getting a first impression of the team’s core competencies and capabilities - via the SDK and Qt libraries. The team would have needed to build these tools themselves otherwise, losing time, money and focus to develop an outstanding app instead. The tooling enables teams to develop cross-platform apps on a high level and for large scale applications, without the need to worry about low-level development & UI components.

UpdatePromise made use of the QML Hot Reload feature and really appreciated the ease of publishing to iOS and Android from the single code base. Felgo Plugins offered a convenient way to add 3rd party services. All of these features allowed UpdatePromise to significantly shorten development time and make savings as a result.

Despite not being a fan of outsourcing, the UpdatePromise team decided to call on Felgo’s Professional Services. Utilizing the Felgo SDK and the know-how of the Felgo team, Jake was impressed with the cooperative nature and proactive communication. This allowed UpdatePromise to be sure that outsourcing some parts of the development process has not been considered a risk but a fruitful collaboration where each team improved on the other team’s code. When developing in a fast-paced environment, and trying to disrupt a major industry, the constant cooperation is paramount to ensure the best possible app.

The Outcome

The development time for the cross-platform app was reduced by 2/3rds. 

Felgo puts customer satisfaction first and goes above and beyond, therefore we are tremendously happy to see that this pays off: “an easy relationship, excellent results, a great team“.

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What our Customers Say


If I only knew about Felgo before! It would have saved us about 50% of the development time compared to plain Qt, and we would have been able to focus on the app itself, instead of recreating problem solutions that are already provided by Felgo, and that are not unique or specific for our app.

So, please: Don’t make the same mistakes, use Felgo! Just as we will, from now on.

Oliver Kuss


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

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Killisperger GmbH

We use Felgo because of the integrated plugins, the live code reloading and the nice looking native components. It just saves so much time & makes my life easy!

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