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Build Cross-Platform 2D Games in Days

  • Based on the Qt framework

  • Voted the best supported, most time-saving and easiest to learn development tool

  • Monetize, analyze and engage users

  • Completely free for an unlimited time

Build Games Faster & Easier

Use the easiest to learn engine, with the biggest time savings and best support, to build cross-platform games in record time. Use the Felgo SDK to create Android games, iOS games and more.

Felgo scored at Cross-Platform Tool Benchmark.

Solid to the Core

Felgo Games harness the power of Qt, the leading cross-platform development framework used by over 1,000,000 developers.

Together with specialized gaming components on top, we provide you with an IDE and all the tools to realise your ideas.

Felgo is a Technology Partner of The Qt Company.

  • Visual
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • Input
  • Physics
  • Animations
  • Particles
  • A.I.

Code Once, Run Everywhere

Use one IDE to deploy to all supported platforms, including iOS and Android, from a single code base.

Support all screen resolutions, aspect ratios and sizes with auto-adapting UI elements, smart scene scaling and memory efficient asset selection.

3rd-Party Services

Enrich your Game with plugins for leading 3rd-party services such as social networks, ad frameworks or analytics.

Save the pain of implementing native APIs for in-app purchases or push notifications on your own.

  • Analytics
  • Advertisements
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Services
  • In-App Purchases

The Best Resources for Your Idea

Felgo offers various tutorials and demo games for most common game genres.

Games where players play against each other using cards.

Card Game
like UNO, Hearthstone or Poker

In match-3 (tile-matching) games the player manipulates tiles in order to make them disappear according to a matching criterion, like 3 tiles of the same type. The core challenge of tile-matching games is the identification of patterns on a seemingly chaotic board.

like Candy Crush Saga

Puzzle is a highly extensible term, which can refer to all kinds of "use your brain (or some luck?) to solve something" type of game.

like 2048 or Threes!

Felgo also offers components for casino games, slot games in particular. Spin to win!

like Big Win Slots

Games where the level automatically scrolls in one direction and the player has to pass the incoming obstacles, collect objects, etc.

Side Scroller
like Jetpack Joyride or Flappy Bird

The goal of tower defense games is to try to stop the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map by building a variety of different towers which shoot at them as they pass.

Tower Defense
like Castle Defense or Bloons TD

The player uses platforms or similar to progress through the level, either upwards (Jump) or downwards (Falldown). Missing the platforms can quickly lead to losing the game. The level can either scroll constantly, or follow the player, but usually only in the "positive" direction.

Falldown & Jump
like Doodle Jump or Mega Jump

Jump'n'run games where you try to defeat enemies and reach the end of the level. Unlike the Side Scrollers, the level does not scroll automatically in one direction but you control in which direction you are moving.

like Super Mario or Lep's World

Games which require fast thinking paired with good reaction times. Most often action games are physics-based.

like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope

Old but Gold, those timeless classics could use a revive, what are you waiting for?

like Arkanoid or Space Invaders

Tired of creating countless levels to keep your players attracted to your game? Why not let your players do this for you? Reward them for their effort, let them create a living community by themselves.

like Super Mario Maker or Minecraft
Any other idea?
let us know how we can help you


Felgo allowed us to bring our existing Symbian games developed with QML to Android and BlackBerry 10 in less than a week! Not only we got a strong platform to port our games, but also got a professional Support from the Felgo team that eases our mission. I am really glad we found this game engine, because working with QtQuick and JavaScript is a huge time-saver and we can now create new games rapidly. Nour Khrais, CEO Maysalward
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Remember those dark nights spent terrified of monsters under the bed? Well now it's time to strike back!

This open-source tower defense game features Ads, In-App purchases, Leaderboards, Achievements, Level Editor and Level Sharing via the Level Store.

It is powered by the Felgo Game Network.

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Stack And Friends

Stack as many boxes as fast as you can in this physics-based action game!

This open-source game features an in-game Level Editor where players create their own levels.

Level Sharing, Leaderboards & Achievements powered by Felgo Game Network.

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Chicken Outbreak 2

Chicken Outbreak 2

The chicken needs your help again, try to escape the henhouse without touching the ground!

It is open-source and comes with cross-platform leaderboards & achievements, powered by Felgo Game Network as well as in-app purchases and interstitial ads.

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Chicken Outbreak

Chicken Outbreak

Help the chicken escape from the hen house without touching the ground!

Chicken Outbreak is retro falldown game similar to Doodle Jump or Fall Down: Elemental.

It is open-source and comes with cross-platform leaderboards & achievements, powered by Felgo Game Network.

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Making a game with Felgo saves you so much time, because you can add Particle-effects, animations and a level editor very easily. Thanks to great support of Felgo(answering questions within hours, applying hotfixes within one day) it was a real pleasure to make a game and fill it with lots of content. Because of these reasons we could create a prototype within a few days and we were able to polish the game, so that we could release it after only one month. Christian Bartsch
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Crazy Elephant

Development with Felgo was great, as you get results in no time which motivates to polish and publish your app. The key advantage is the cross-platform support: we did not need to make any source code adaptions and were able to publish to iOS and Android without any extra effort. Philipp Jahoda
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Games built with Felgo


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