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Increase Your Player Retention with New Felgo Game Network

By Christian

Did you ask yourself how your game can be improved so more people are playing it, and how you can make them play longer?

Leading analytics firm Distimo just announced its app store report for 2013 with stunning results: 92% of all revenues on iOS and even 98% on Google Play come from in-app purchases in F2P games! Major key indicators of success of free-to-play games are how many players return to your game, how long they play it and how many new players download it. So the most important questions you should ask yourself are: how to keep players longer in your game and how to reach new players.

Today we announce a new product that will greatly help you with these goals: the Felgo Game Network.


Felgo Game Network is a cross-platform gaming service that allows players around the world to compare game highscores and achievements without the need of creating extra accounts. Players can also challenge each other across multiple platforms and share their progress on Facebook on all supported platforms by Felgo: iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Symbian, MeeGo and also an all desktop platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The best thing of all: Integration in your game takes less than 10 minutes, so start using it and increase your player retention and game installs today!

As a Pro Subscriber, you get access to all the new Felgo Game Network benefits with the latest daily build release today. We have added it to one of our own showcase games already – you can download Chicken Outbreak in the app stores and test how it looks like in a live game.

Note that now is a great time to upgrade to Felgo Pro, as we have just announced our anniversary sale last week, which makes the license 30% cheaper and saves you $189 until December 24th.

More Details

We thoroughly evaluated different gaming services like Apple’s Game Center, Google Play Game Services, OpenKit, Amazon GameCircle, Scoreloop, Gree, Heyzap and others, but none of them came close to fulfill the requirements we heard from talking with you. That’s why we set our goal to build the BEST cross-platform gaming service from game developers, for game developers.

We will post a deep analysis and comparison of Felgo Game Network with the other services mentioned above another time – now you can browse over the benefits Felgo Game Network offers you from now on:

  • No Extra Accounts or Registrations Required: Players do not need to create an extra account to compare their higshcores or achievements across platforms, which leads to high usage. A login with Facebook is available, but not a requirement for players to use the gaming services. This is a key benefit over other gaming services forcing a registration: in our games we have seen high drop-out rates up to 60% of players who do not use other services because of privacy concerns or feeling unconfident connecting a game with their Facebook account – with Felgo Game Network you can also satisfy these players!
  • Full Offline Support: Highscores, achievements and WebStorage can be used even when your players have no Internet connection and get synced automatically as soon as Internet connection is available again.
  • Fully customizable UI: Felgo Game Network comes with a ready-made UI so you can integrate it in 10 minutes in your game. However, with the strength of QML you can fully customize all views to your game easily and give it an extra-polished look.leaderboard-sigame-cropped
  • Export Player Data: You can export your player data and use it for example for sending newsletters to bring your players back to the game, or to promote your other games with personal emails.
  • Simple QML API: Use properties and signals to get notified when important things happen, e.g. when the player connected with Facebook, reached a new highscore or unlocked an achievement.
  • Sharing to Game Center: With a single API call, you can report your game progress to the Felgo Game Network and also to Apple Game Center. So your players can use both their familiar game service on iOS and also compare their progress with players on other platforms.
  • Easy Facebook Integration: Let your players connect with Facebook in a single API call. We have integrated posting the player’s score and achievements to your player’s timeline, so the most important Facebook functionality to bring new downloads and make your players return to your games is already built-in.facebook-activity-log-highscore-and-achievement
  • Cloud Storage: With the WebStorage component, storing your data in the cloud is as easy as it can be: you can use it to synchronize your player’s data across multiple devices or to change the balancing of your game remotely from our Web Dashboard, without the need to release a new update to the app stores.
  • Cross-Platform Leaderboards: In most games players can reach highscores representing how well a player has done in the game. With Felgo Game Network you can use unlimited Leaderboards to let players compare against each other in a competitive way and brag about it on Facebook, keeping them playing. You can either display all scores across all platforms on one leaderboard or filter the leaderboards based on platform, time or users.
  • Powerful Challenges: Challenges are a powerful tool to increase player retention as they motivate players to beat a friend’s score, especially if you reward them for won challenges for example with in-game credits. Compared to other gaming services, challenges in Felgo Game Network are highly flexible: you can add own challenge game modes, create own leaderboards to let the best challengers compare their scores, or simply provide challenges based on the current highscore the player has.
  • Level Sharing: With Felgo Game Network, you can let your players share their user-generated levels easily. This means constant level updates for your players and saves you the time for additional level packs. Even more, you can charge for the levels made by your players and reward your best level creators with the Felgo Level Store, fully customizable to your game. This revolutionary addition will be available soon!level-store


So now you have the chance to make your game stand out and climb the app store charts: Follow this link for a step-by-step tutorial how to add Felgo Game Network to your game.

Click the preview image below, or open the Game Network in the Developers Area top navigation in your browser, to see how your games are doing and to create a new game powered with Felgo Game Network.


What do you think about this new product offering, what are your experiences with other gaming services and do you have any questions about it? Just let us know in the comments below.

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