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Felgo Success Story

Felgo outpaced and replaced Berlin-Vegan’s native Android app. The team now targets Android, iOS and SailfishOS with native performance and user experience from a single code-base.

Develop more features in less time

Native performance and UI/UX 

Easy maintenance with single code-base

Felgo Cloud Builds for fast and stable app releases 

Create apps for iOS without owning a Mac or iPhone

Why Michael and Berlin-Vegan chose Felgo in a nutshell:

Develop rapidly. Felgo apps save 90% of code compared to native development.

Easy integration with mobile platforms and native UI/UX with great performance.

Port existing Qt apps or test cross-platform on Desktop - there are no platform limits.

Efficient app releases and stable build environment with Felgo Cloud Builds.

How Felgo helps Qt Developers & Engineers to succeed

The Challenge

Berlin-Vegan is the most popular mobile app to find vegan food and shopping opportunities in Berlin. The vegan guide to Berlin includes over 500 restaurants, snack bars and shops with vegan offers.

The original app of the Berlin-Vegan guide was HTML-based and built with PhoneGap. Due to poor performance and bad integration with mobile platforms, the team built a native Android version instead.

After developing another variant of the app for SailfishOS, which is based on Qt, the team looked for a way to port this app to iOS. But with pure Qt, porting the application would’ve been complex and time-consuming - the team might have given up.

The Solution

Berlin-Vegan discovered that Felgo covers a lot of the heavy-lifting to bridge the platform gaps. They decided to port their Qt application to Felgo.

This allowed Berlin-Vegan to finally achieve the native look and feel that PhoneGap and plain Qt were missing. With the Desktop target and Felgo Cloud Builds, team members could also develop for iOS without having an iPhone or macOS at hand.

The Outcome

The Felgo SDK and tools helped Berlin-Vegan to speed up their development and release process. After the Felgo-based app and some further updates were published, the team realized that the Felgo version had far outpaced their native Android app.

Berlin-Vegan thus decided to drop the native Android version and now uses a shared code-base for Android, iOS and SailfishOS.

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What our Customers Say


If I only knew about Felgo before! It would have saved us about 50% of the development time compared to plain Qt, and we would have been able to focus on the app itself, instead of recreating problem solutions that are already provided by Felgo, and that are not unique or specific for our app.

So, please: Don’t make the same mistakes, use Felgo! Just as we will, from now on.

Oliver Kuss


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

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"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

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