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Felgo Success Story

Killisperger got their app in the Android & iOS store in half the expected time, with a richer feature set & extended functionality.

Cut development time by 50% with Felgo tooling 

More features & extended functionality

Simple and easy-to-learn software structure

Cross-platform app development approach

Actionable plug-ins & UI components out of the box

Why David and Killisperger chose Felgo in a nutshell:

Deployment with QML Hot Reload saves a lot of time

Access to native APIs & components

Works & looks perfect on every device

Plenty of integrated plugins and controls to choose from

How Felgo helps Qt Developers & Engineers to succeed

The Challenge

Killisperger is a reseller of heating oil and freight forwarder. Their goal was to provide an app for Android, iOS, and Windows featuring a clear overview of their products & services as well as the option to buy and schedule deliveries for businesses as well as private customers.

The Solution

A cross-platform framework had to be the basis, the team already had experience with Qt. However, they realized that Qt is missing many components and coding those themselves would have taken a lot of time and effort. The Felgo tooling provided simple solutions to alleviate the time constraints: features like QML Hot Reload, ready-made plugins (i.e. Firebase) & out-of-the-box UI/UX components supporting all target platforms made development extremely easy and fast. In addition, the option to get help from the Felgo professional services team at any time made rapid adoption and maximum efficiency in utilizing the tooling possible.

The Outcome

Version 1.0 was released on Android and iOS within 2 months instead of 4. On top of that, the final app exceeded the planned results: significantly more features were implemented.

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What our Customers Say


If I only knew about Felgo before! It would have saved us about 50% of the development time compared to plain Qt, and we would have been able to focus on the app itself, instead of recreating problem solutions that are already provided by Felgo, and that are not unique or specific for our app.

So, please: Don’t make the same mistakes, use Felgo! Just as we will, from now on.

Oliver Kuss


"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

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"I really had a good feeling about the team already just from working with the Felgo SDK. The working relationship was easy, excellent results, great team.

Felgo really stepped up to the plate and honored my faith."

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