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Felgo Success Story

Noir Lumière chose Felgo as a reliable partner to develop more efficiently, release their application quicker, and provide a media player with Qt Multimedia support for HLS video streaming.

Cloud-based solution for handling cinema movie files

Mobile & desktop app with high-quality media player

Efficient development and focus on app features

Fast release with Felgo Cloud Builds store deployment

Felgo became a trusted development partner 

Why Noir Lumière chose Felgo in a nutshell:

The people behind Felgo care about the success of your app and the happiness of your customers. We strive to make your app the best on the market.

Efficient development of native cross-platform apps with Felgo SDK components, tools and services. 

High level of Qt expertise & extensive application development experience.

Great customer support with a fast response time and on-demand professional services tailored to your project and needs.

How Felgo helps Qt Developers & Engineers to succeed

The Challenge

Noir Lumière is a native app that provides a cloud-based solution for long-term preservation, post-processing and optimal handling of film files. With the platform, movie producers can easily share their film files with vendors all around the world for preview or live display in the cinemas. It covers all digital services from post-production to distribution for film, TV and streaming platforms. The application is also used to provide movies for events like the Cannes Film Festival.

The Noir Lumière team consists of 10 people, with 4 of them being developers. After evaluating different cross-platform frameworks like Electron or Xamarin, Felgo was the natural choice. Native performance is an important factor for handling big data like movie files. Felgo extends Qt, which runs natively on all platforms, and includes components to target both mobile & desktop platforms with a responsive user interface. 

Felgo allowed the team to focus on features, develop efficiently and release their product in record time. At a later stage of the project, the team ran into limitations with the Qt Multimedia module.

The Solution

Noir Lumière contacted Felgo to get help for solving the issues. The reactivity and know-how of the Felgo professional services team made it possible to solve the problem efficiently. With a custom Felgo patch for the Qt multimedia module, the application can now offer a media player that supports the HLS protocol for video streaming. Everything is handled within the customized Qt module. The new features work directly without any additional changes to the project source code.

The Outcome

Using Felgo on top of Qt immediately removed many obstacles when developing for both desktop and mobile platforms. After Noir Lumière started to use the Felgo SDK and tools, a great partnership developed over time. As a result, movie producers can now enjoy a great app with lots of features and an amazing media player. 

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What our Customers Say

Berlin Vegan

Felgo offers a lot of features that help programmers with developing cross-platform apps, but it always gives the freedom to use custom solutions instead of the provided ones. Porting our app would’ve been a lot more complex and time-consuming without Felgo -  we might have even given up.

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"We wanted to make a really good product - no compromises on quality due to time constraints. This is why we went for a supplier like Felgo. It was just a seamless way of working together."

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Killisperger GmbH

We use Felgo because of the integrated plugins, the live code reloading and the nice looking native components. It just saves so much time & makes my life easy!

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