• Update 2.3.0: Full Support for Qt 5.4, Windows Phone & Windows Runtime

    By Christian December 11, 2014

    Qt 5.4 just got released, and this means you also get a major Felgo update! It adds full support for the new features in Qt 5.4 and more – read on and find out about these additions… What is new in Qt 5.4? Qt 5.3 was downloaded over 1.6 million times since its release in May 2014! Since then, the …

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  • Felgo Windows Phone Game Development Contest

    By Christian September 16, 2014

    With the recent addition of Windows Phone support to Felgo 2, you have a great new platform to distribute your games. The Windows Phone Store has many advantages over iOS & Android for developers, like: Less competition because fewer games are in the Windows Phone Store than on iOS or Android. Less top-quality games that run natively (like Felgo does) …

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  • Windows Phone 8 and Windows Runtime Support in Felgo and Qt, Gamescom & GDC Meetup

    By Christian August 6, 2014

    We are super happy to announce the support for a new platform today: Windows Phone 8 and Windows Runtime is now supported in a Beta phase in Felgo 2. So you can now start publishing your games to the Windows App Store beginning with this version. As a Felgo licensee, you get access to this update and the new Windows …

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