Update 2.3.0: Full Support for Qt 5.4, Windows Phone & Windows Runtime

By Christian

Qt 5.4 just got released, and this means you also get a major Felgo update! It adds full support for the new features in Qt 5.4 and more – read on and find out about these additions…

What is new in Qt 5.4?

Qt 5.3 was downloaded over 1.6 million times since its release in May 2014!

Since then, the Qt framework got many improvements which we will now share with you, from a game and app developer’s point of view:

  • Windows Phone and Windows Runtime support: You can now create Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT apps and games. No changes in your code required!
  • New Qt Creator 3.3: The new version of the best Qt IDE brings an advanced Qt Quick Designer to create your UI layout faster. It also adds built-in Gradle support for Android, which will ease the Felgo plugin distribution in an upcoming version *stay tuned* 😉
  • QML State Machine: This new QML component allows writing complex state machines in clear syntax and simple QML scripting language. This can help you to write your application or game logic in shorter time and easier to understand.
  • Qt WebView and Qt WebEngine: With Qt WebView you get a lightweight native web view to display web content in your games with a low memory footprint. Qt WebEngine is a new cross-platform engine based on Chromium, and supersedes the Webkit-based web engine in earlier Qt versions.
  • Native Android style for Qt Quick Controls: If you want your buttons, dialogs, message boxes or tab bars to look native on Android, you can use the new Android theme. For a cross-platform solution with native input elements, use the existing Felgo component NativeUtils.
  • Qt Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support as Tech Preview.
  • iOS 8 & iPhone 6/6+ Support: Full support for the latest iOS devices with Xcode 6 integration. In addition, creating iOS fat builds with both 32- and 64-bit support is now available, which is an Apple Store requirement for your app & game updates beginning with April 2015.

Felgo Additions in Update 2.3.0

On top of all the new Qt 5.4 features, you also get these new Felgo additions:

You can see the full changelog here.


As a Felgo customer, you can update to this new version now: simply follow the update guide and choose “Package manager” in the SDKMaintenanceTool to install Qt 5.4 first. If you are not a Felgo Customer yet, you can use the current Christmas Discount and become a Felgo Pro today:

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