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1st Anniversary Sale, Felgo Recap and Future Announcement

By Christian

Today is a special day, a day to celebrate.

Felgo has its first anniversary, and we want to thank you, our customers, for this fantastic year and your trust in Felgo which allowed us to grow and constantly improve the world’s first Qt-powered game engine. This week, we reached a major milestone of 2,000 developers who have signed up since our launch on 12.12.2012 – read on for a short but intense recap what happened since then, what the future will bring and to hear about our Anniversary SALE.


A Short Recap

In the last year, we released 5 major updates, 12 minor ones and more than 5,000 commits steadily improved Felgo. These were the highlights that happened over the last year:

  • Felgo Level Editor: Create your levels in-game, balance at runtime and give your players the power to create and share their own levels – this addition is one of THE greatest Felgo components as it saves you loads of time
  • Cross-Platform In-app purchases for iOS & Android: with the Store plugin, you can add in-app purchases to your app with just 10 lines of code and earn money today
  • Ads: Monetize your game with Chartboost or Google AdMob
  • Shiny New Website: We are constantly improving the website to make it easier for you to navigate and find the most important resources quickly. With the responsive design, browsing on your mobile is fun too!
  • Build Server Updates: Build for iOS, Android & BB10 in less than a minute with the new Build Server
  • BlackBerry 10 support: Target another platform without code changes, as we announced it at GDC Europe
  • Qt Dev Days Award: Read here why Qt rocks and how we won the most innovate talk award

Felgo Highlights Video

To celebrate, we packed the biggest benefits of Felgo into a 2-minute video – give it a look, share it and let us know if you like it in the comments. 🙂

Future Roadmap

You can look forward to exciting times ahead of us – we are working hard to release these additions to Felgo:

  • Felgo Game Network: This addition increases player retention and will bring your game to the top charts! It allows you to add leaderboards, achievements, challenges, Facebook connection, cloud storage and level sharing to your game in less than 30 minutes! And the best: It works across platforms on iOS, Android, BB 10 and also on all desktop platforms! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be among the first to get notified when this update is ready – HINT: it’s coming before Christmas
  • The first major Felgo update with Qt 5 support: With the Qt 5.2 release around the corner, Qt has now reached a state where it is on par with our custom Felgo renderer. This means you will see a new Felgo version 2.0 using the Qt 5 renderer, and enjoy all the benefits and new components Qt 5.2 brings. The great thing is, our game components API will stay the same so you can start developing your games today and switch to the new version once it is ready!

Anniversary SALE

With all these good news, we want to celebrate with you and make this day even better:

We are offering a 30% anniversary sale until 24.12.2013, which means you get the Felgo Pro license for $399 for a full year and save 189$! You can upgrade here:



This is our way to thank you for the last year and your support – spread the word about Felgo and keep creating awesome games.

All the best from the Felgo Team

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