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2015 Highlights & Felgo Roadmap Update

By Michael

2015 has been a great year so far! Why did you get the most new features and updates in Felgo history? Well, we doubled down on the Felgo team size and are super happy to keep growing faster than ever and to keep improving the best mobile game and app development framework on the market.
Being cash-flow positive & self-funded gives us the freedom to stay independent and make no compromises on what’s most important: providing you with the best tools for game and app development. You, the Felgo customers, keep enabling us to improve Felgo every day – thank you so much for this symbiosis!
In fact, we’ve already completed the 2015 Roadmap from the blog post at Christmas! So in this blog post, you’ll get a summary of the things we’ve added in the past 8 months and also a new roadmap with all the features & additions you can look forward to.
And have you ever wondered what the team looks like? Just scroll down to have a look 🙂

New Additions to Felgo so far in 2015

Felgo Sample Launcher

With so many game templates & examples available, it can be a bit difficult to get a quick overview of what can help you with your project. That’s why we have packaged all of them into a fancy single Desktop application. You can try them all within seconds and pick the games and examples that matter most to your project.

New Game Templates & Tutorials

The fastest way to finish your game is to start with a ready-made template just for your requirements. Based on your feedback, we’ve added these new templates with full source code, which allow you to create games like these in less than a day: a Match-3 Game, a 2048 Game, a Platformer Game, and a Slot Game. There are also a lot of new tutorials to help you learn Felgo like: How to Make a Match-3 Game with Felgo, How to Make a Slot Game with Felgo.

Website Improvements

Do you want to make a platformer game? A business app? A side-scroller? With the new Felgo Tour you can easily find the resources that matter most for your project.

3D Support

This allows you to mix both 2D and 3D elements in your game or app, which is especially useful when you want to:

  • Define the User Interface in QML and 2D, and load the game objects in 3D.
  • Load 3D models and freely move and rotate them in your Qt app, which saves space compared to using sprite sheets.

To showcase some of these concepts, we made a tech demo of what’s possible with Qt3D:

Felgo for App Development

Felgo Apps extends Felgo with components that simplify cross-platform mobile app development. This is great news if you also develop apps, as you don’t need to learn anything new. You can just build on your existing Felgo knowledge!

New Plugins

With just a few lines of code, you now can use these new 3rd party SDKs in your cross-platform game or app: Parse Push Notifications, HockeyApp for beta Distribution and Google Analytics. Also, you can now use the Gradle build system to simplify deployment on Android.

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Felgo Roadmap 2015

  • Multiplayer: We’re very close to releasing the best multiplayer support you’ve seen in any game engine yet. Stay tuned – this is going to be extra cool. 😉
  • App Development: The first Felgo Apps release was just the beginning: you’ll get many more app templates and components to help you make your cross-platform apps in record time.
  • Spine: You can expect support for the Spine Character Animation Tool very soon. This will allow you to create fluid animations while saving time, processing power and memory.
  • Texture Packer: For sprite based animations, the support for this tool will be your best friend.
  • Level Editor: This addition will simplify the creation of hand-made levels for platformers, side scrollers and RPGs. We are currently looking into RUBE, Tiled and empowering the Felgo in-game level editor. Please share your preference here.
  • Box2D: We will update to the latest version of Box2D Physics so you can access the new physics features in Felgo.
  • Felgo Build Server: With the Felgo Build Server, you’ll be able to let your games and apps build in the cloud, without having to install any native SDKs. Plus, you can deploy your game to iOS devices from Windows and Linux!
  • More Games: You can expect many more game templates with full source code to help you make your projects faster: Doodle Jump, Side-Scroller, Platformer, RPG, a Clash of Clans like game and a Quiz game are just few of them. Which game would you like to see most?

Tell Us What You Think

What do you think about the new features and the roadmap? Do you think there’s something missing? Are you especially looking forward to one of the new additions?
Then share your thoughts in the comments below, or let us know your feedback here:

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We are looking forward to improving Felgo every day, and to keep being the best engine for game development and app development:

Your Felgo Team 🙂

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