Big Felgo Update with Qt 5.3 Support

By Christian

Today we are announcing a new Felgo update together with today’s Qt 5.3 release!

What’s in it for me, you ask? Just read on and find out…

Felgo Update 2.0.1

The new Felgo release is based on the latest Qt 5.3 update and shares all the benefits from this final Qt release. There have been many bug fixes in Qt 5.3 for iOS, Android and Desktop which improve development significantly.

On top of that, we ported the majority of the existing Felgo 1.x API over to Felgo 2!

The changelog says it all:

And we also ported our highly popular Flappy Bird Game to Felgo 2.0 (you can find a link to a step-by-step tutorial how to create a Flappy Bird game with Felgo there).


All these changes give you a super-solid framework to create cross-platform games with Felgo 2.0.1. And if you have an existing Qt 5 app or game and would just like to use some of the Felgo Game API or some of the Felgo Qt 5 Plugins, it’s ready now!


That’s super cool – but what is next?

With the next Felgo release, we will add full support for Felgo Level Editor to Felgo 2, which allows you to rapidly create levels for your game and your players to create user-generated content. If you are missing other Felgo 1 components for the next Felgo 2 update, just let us know in this support forum thread.

Even more, Windows Phone and Qt for Windows Runtime was added as Beta in the Qt 5.3 release. This means we will bring Felgo to this platform soon too!


Good times ahead right? And even better: all Felgo customers can update to the latest Felgo version and create fantastic Qt 5 based games now.


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