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Chicken Outbreak, Plugins and more

By Alex

Today we pushed some updates to our beta SDK that we shortly want to share with you (Important: Please have a look at our update guide as we’ve changed the URL to the SDK to get the latest version!).

As you might have noticed on Twitter we added another demo game, called “Chicken Outbreak”, to the SDK. Chicken Outbreak is a side-scrolling game similar to the famous Doodle Jump. Your goal is to help the chicken to escape from the henhouse, flying (or well, falling, chickens can’t fly actually) from one roost to the next. In addition there are some grains on the way down, collect them and earn bonus points. We also published the game for Android and iOS, so head over to the stores to see it in action and make sure to have a look at the sources if you’re interested (we actually created this game within two days thanks to Felgo).

Next we began to implement a flexible and easy-to-use platform plugin architecture for gaming networks, social networks, monetization and more. The first available plugin will be Apple Game Center integration for iOS; and with the launch of Mac OS X Mountain Lion last week we also managed to support the desktop as well. The plugin allows you to access Game Center functionality like leaderboards or achievements from QML and JavaScript, so you can enjoy a single code base for mobile and desktop! We already pushed an update with Game Center integration for Chicken Outbreak to the App Store and will push the plugin for the usage in your own games with the next release of our beta SDK. Let us know which native plugins you desire most in our roadmap post, and we’ll add them as fast as we can!

And there’s more: We greatly overhauled the documentation of all the components, examples and demos. For every single one of the powerful components, we added a comprehensive documentation and example code how to get most out of them. This doc is available online, as well as from within Qt Creator.

We also added the ability to add an app icon for our Build Server, which automatically scales for the different devices. And, for our Nokia developers, we added the Felgo libraries for Symbian and MeeGo to our SDK repository, so you’re now able to build your game locally for your devices too! See here how to update to the latest version of Felgo.

Finally, if you happen to be at GDC Europe in 2 weeks, let us know and we can meet and talk about games and your Felgo experience!

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