Felgo Qt 5 Plugins for Ads, IAP & more

By Alex

Nearly every game built with Felgo is powered by at least one of our existing plugins integrated into Felgo Game Engine. These plugins are however not only useful for games: The success story of Qt 5 (over 1 million downloads of Qt 5.2 speak for themselves!) with full iOS & Android support shows that Qt is getting more and more a powerful alternative for cross-platform app development too. That’s why we now offer our plugins independently from Felgo for you:
Felgo Plugins

Our Qt Plugins are a great way of improving the user experience of your apps & games. They allow you to:

  • Monetize your games with in-app purchases or ads
  • Get insights into your apps’ usage with analytics
  • Engage your users to keep playing your game on and on with Felgo Game Network
  • And lots more – see here for all available plugins…

In combination with Qt’s declarative QML language and the cross-platform approach plugins additionally can save you weeks of development time compared to creating your own platform-specific integration.

First Iteration of Felgo Qt Plugins

As a beginning we today ship our first plugin, the AdMob plugin. The plugin embeds AdMob ads and interstitials right within your existing Qt 5-based iOS & Android projects. Thanks to the power of QML showing an ad banner is as easy as:

import VPlay.plugins.admob 1.0

AdMobBanner {
  adUnitId: "<your-ad-unit-id>"
  banner: AdMobBanner.Smart

  anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter
  anchors.top: parent.top

As you can see plugin items can be used like any other QML item you’re already familiar with.

The AdMob plugin is of course not the end of the story; more plugins are just round the corner and will be released over the next couple of days and weeks. If you have any specific plugins you want to see next, please let us know at help@felgo.com or in our support forums.

All plugins can be tested with provided sample projects and come with one year of free updates and support. To celebrate the launch of Felgo Plugins we offer all plugins with an early bird pricing, starting from just $149 (one-time payment).


What does this mean for existing and new Felgo customers?

As a Felgo customer, you get all the plugins included in your license for a number of games. This number depends on the license you have chosen. You can find the game limit of plugins on our Pricing Page.

Essentially, you get the plugins cheaper with Felgo than purchasing them one by one, especially if you are using many plugins in your games!


We hope you like the new plugins as much as we do and look forward to your appreciated feedback and plugin suggestions at plugins.felgo.com!

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