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Felgo Quarterly Payment Introduction

By Christian

We carefully listen to the feedback of our registered developers: Whatever features you require most are added with the highest priority. The Daily Build introduction in April allows us to distribute the hottest features as soon as we implemented and tested them. Among these additions is the recently announced Store plugin for in-app purchases to monetize your game. Or the LevelEditor that speeds up development time and allows your players to create user-generated content on their devices. Or the support for multiple language translations in your game, many more tutorials with full game source code, and more.

We want to provide these additions for as many customers as possible. However, Daily Builds are exclusive for our customers on the Pro Plan. What we have seen from your feedback is that the price point for the yearly Pro License of Felgo is a barrier to try out the Pro features.

As a result, we decided to give you another choice for the Pro Plan:

  • The yearly license for $599 (€499)
  • The new quarterly license for $189 (€159)


The quarterly Pro license has the same benefits as the yearly one, valid for 3 months:

  • Publish to iOS & Android
  • Unlimited Test Builds on the Felgo Build Server
  • Advanced Support
  • And Access to Daily Builds

Thus it is the perfect option if you want to use the latest features and publish your game for iOS & Android with low financial risk of just $189, which is $63 per month. The annual license is still the cheapest option if you are planning to use Felgo long-term, but if you just want to develop and publish one or multiple games within 3 months for iOS, Android and all the other supported platforms you can start going Pro now.

store quarterly

Head over to the Download page and choose the quarterly option to upgrade your license. Happy coding and we are looking forward to welcome you as a Pro Customer.

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