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It’s Felgo launch day!

By Christian

Hi there,

today is a day to celebrate as we do have a pre-Christmas present to announce: We just released the initial version of Felgo, which from now on is not in Beta state any more. After 6 major updates since the public Beta launch in July 2012 and more than 1,000 source code commits, we are now ready for take-off. We believe the 12.12.2012 is THE perfect day for launching and for celebrating the hard effort we put into providing the best tool for 2D game development. I would like to thank our awesome team for their great job to achieve this goal. Curious about how the team looks? Here is a picture taken in the Felgo office:

Since summer, more than 200 developers signed up for Felgo to develop games, and gave us valuable feedback what you, our customers, need most. We are happy we managed to support more platforms including Linux, Symbian and MeeGo and to publish 2 games (Squaby and Chicken Outbreak) that come with full source code with the SDK. In this launch release, we added native plugins for GameCenter on iOS, and Flurry Analytics and Facebook for iOS & Android which save you valuable development time. We also added a full step-by-step tutorial how to make a game like Pong with Felgo.

So what do you get with the new Pro launch version? This table shows the difference between the 2 versions:

So you can freely download Felgo and develop your game on the desktop and your test devices. The Pro Plan then allows you to publish for iOS & Android in the App Stores, together with more benefits like advanced support and unlimited developer builds on your test devices. As a special launch offer, we provide an early bird discounted version. The final price will be around 500€ and starts in Q1 2013 – so hurry up and enjoy the Pro benefits at a discounted price.

Note: For existing beta users, please download our updated Felgo installer to receive the latest engine updates. The installer makes the installation and update process easier. You can uninstall the Qt SDK with the previous beta access, as the Qt SDK is part of the new Felgo installer. Further SDK updates will only be available with the Felgo installer.

Besides the launch, we are not standing still and keep up working with full steam on the next features that we believe make you even more productive. There are a couple of hot things we are already working on: There is a level editor coming, which allows speeding up development time and can even be integrated in your final game. So also players of your game can create User-generated content to boost your game’s player engagement as well as its popularity and lifetime! Have a look at our roadmap for more details, and post any suggestions or feature requests you would like to see in Felgo.

We wish you a great time with our present and can’t wait to play your games made with Felgo 🙂

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