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SDK Update: Symbian & MeeGo Support and Free Pro License Promotion

By Christian

We are happy to announce what we have been working on the last couple of weeks:

To start with, we have added full support for the performance-optimized Felgo renderer for two new platforms – Symbian and MeeGo. So starting from SDK version 0.9.5, you can deploy your games not only to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, but also to the great Nokia platforms. The Felgo renderer adds gaming-related functionality readily accessible from QML. That includes a particle system, audio support, the Box2D physics system and performance-optimized sprite rendering. You can now build and deploy our open-source demo games from your local desktop machine and install them on your Nokia devices. They will also soon arrive in Nokia Store.

We have also been busy with improving Felgo features for the other platforms: With the new NativeUtils component you can open native message boxes and text input dialogs on all platforms. In addition, you can also open the system browser from within the app with a single call like nativeUtils.openUrl(“http://felgo.com”) or start the system mailing application with nativeUtils.openUrl(“mailto:team@felgo.com”). The new System component provides details which platform your game is running on, among other things. That might be useful if you want to enable specific features on single platforms. And for physics enthusiasts, there is now a PolygonCollider in addition to the BoxCollider and CircleCollider.

We would like to thank our community for these great feature requests and the support in finding bugs in the last SDK version. Special thanks go to Thomas and Martin Eigel who contributed a lot to this release and to Nicola de Filippo for adding OpenSUSE installation instructions that got incorporated in the Felgo installation documentation. For instructions how to update to the new version and a detailed change log, click here. If you need a feature for your game that is currently not available in Felgo, don’t hesitate to contact us for a request.

As Felgo progressed nicely and is now ready for easy 2D game development for all kinds of platforms, the current release will be the last one in Beta state. Starting with the next update, we will roll out the initial launch version. It offers you access to the latest development builds and latest APIs, unlimited amount of builds and priority rights on our build server, and support from our team with a guaranteed response time. We start with an early bird discounted version for 239€/yr, which gives you access to an annual subscription – that’s 20€ per month and not even a euro per day, so it shouldn’t take long to get that money multiple times back by publishing games in the 3 most popular app stores we already support.

As a special promotion for our current beta customers, you can earn a free license for publishing a game made with Felgo in any of the app stores until the 11th of November . So just let us know of the games you have published so far, or if you’re going to publish a new one until the 11th at team@felgo.com with the subject “Felgo License Promotion”.

So we don’t wanna keep you from creating games any more – have fun with the new update and stay tuned for the upcoming launch.

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