Update 1.5.1 & Qt Dev Days Talk in Berlin

By Christian

Today we are releasing a new daily build update containing performance improvements and many incorporated feature requests from our customers. And there is more cool stuff going on: next week is THE premier Qt event this year. Qt Developer Days take place in Berlin, and we are delighted to be part of the conference.

Qt Developer Days Europe 2013

On the first conference day, we will share insights How to use Facebook, Ads, In-App Purchases and Analytics in mobile Apps with Qt in a lightning talk. For the full description what the talk will be about, just click the link which leads you to the Developer Days website.


If you haven’t done so already, save your ticket for the biggest Qt conference on 7th and 8th of October, and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this conference with us. And if you already got a ticket and are attending there, say hello to the guys in Felgo shirts. 🙂

Daily Build Update 1.5.1

The latest update 1.5.1 contains performance improvements for opaque items and can significantly improve the framerate of your existing games. We also added many feature requests that popped up in the last month from you, our customers, which makes Felgo more powerful than ever before. Examples are new properties for adding bullet time effects to your game, or to change the gravity of single physics bodies.

If you would like to use Felgo with the latest Qt Creator version 2.8.1 which strongly improves performance and stability, you can follow the new documentation we added here.

The full changelog of the daily build upate, is available here. All our Pro customers can enjoy the benefits of the new version now and download it here.


Enjoy the improvements and see you soon in Berlin.

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