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SDK Update: Accelerometer Support and Performance Improvements

By Alex

We hope you enjoyed Christmas and had some time to relax. We have been working on Felgo improvements we now want to share with you:

Due to a lot of requests of our customers we added Accelerometer support for all mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Symbian and MeeGo to Felgo. Thanks to the TwoAxisController concept, you can let your players choose their favorite input type without modifying existing game code. This concept is explained in more detail in the Accelerometer Documentation.

There are some other changes including performance improvements for physics-based games and the MovementAnimation: The entity movement using these components is now much smoother on all platforms, leading to an enhanced user experience. Furthermore, we added full keyboard support for Linux systems and the z property of any QML Item can now be changed at runtime. For a full list of changes you can have a look at  the changelog.

These changes are packed in our very first update with version number 1.1.0 since the launch on 12/12/2012. Our Pro Users can already enjoy and download this update immediately through the Felgo SDKMaintenanceTool, our users on the free plan will get the update within the next couple of weeks. So if you’re still on our free plan this is the perfect chance to upgrade your subscription and enjoy this and other benefits of the Pro License, you still get the early-bird discount until the end of Q1 2013, which is 50% off the final price.

We wish you all the best for the year 2013 and great success with your games!

The Felgo Team

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