Qt World Summit 2016 – Meet You in San Francisco!

By Michael

The Qt World Summit 2016 will take place in San Francisco, USA from October 19-20. The Felgo team will be in attendance for the world’s largest gathering of Qt developers. Want to meet us there for a chat about cross-platform mobile game or app development at the summit? Or on October 18th or 21st in the Bay Area? Just let us know when to meet you!

Meet Us in San Francisco!

What to Expect at the Qt World Summit 2016?

The Qt World Summit is one of the most important events of the year for cross-platform developers. It gives you the chance to look back over a year’s worth of innovation and get a glimpse at the future of Qt development all in one place.

The World Summit is also the place to be for the best presentations, attending lightning talks and you can rub shoulders with the world’s best Qt developers.

Felgo at the Qt World Summit

The Felgo team will be in San Francisco from October 18-21 and Felgo CEO, Christian Feldbacher, will be giving a presentation at the Qt World Summit.

Christian’s presentation, “How to Develop with Qt for Multiple Screen Resolutions and Multiple Platforms and Best Practices for an Efficient App Lifecycle with Qt” will take place on Thursday, October 20 at 2.00pm.

The first part of this presentation will show you how to use a single codebase while having native-looking UIs & UX across a range of platforms. The second part will show you how you can use Qt in every part of the app development process. Find out how to use Qt for app design, development, testing, deployment and publishing.

Make sure to check out Christian’s talk if you’re considering Qt or Felgo as a tool for cross-platform development on a wide range of devices!

You can see a full video of Christian’s presentation from last year here:

Meet Us in San Francisco!

You can meet us at the Summit or in the Bay area and get all of your Felgo questions answered by the development team! Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to find out the best way to create mobile apps and games in a personal meeting.

You can meet us:

  • At the Qt World Summit on October 19-20
  • Or in the Bay area on Tuesday October 18 and Friday October 21
Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to find out the best way to create mobile apps and games in a personal meeting.

You can use the button below to get in touch and let us know when you’d like to meet up and have a chat. Make sure to schedule your meeting soon though as we plan on catching up with as many people as possible at the Summit and time slots will soon run out!

Request a Metting in San Francisco!

And even if you’ve met us at events like this before, we’d love to catch up! Just drop us a line and we’ll see you there.

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