Qt World Summit 2016 Conference App – Open Source & Live Now!

By Michael

The Qt World Summit 2016 will take place in San Francisco, USA from October 18-20. A great tech conference like this deserves a great conference app, that’s why we built one!

You can now download the app for iOS & Android:

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The app was fully built with QML and Felgo Apps, which allows a native UI and user experience across both platforms, with just a single source code:


The Qt World Summit Conference app highlights several of the key benefits of the Felgo Apps SDK:

  • Native UI & UX for iOS & Android
    • Navigation drawer on Android, swie-back navigation and tab bar on iOS
    • Native page transitions
    • Native Android style: Material design & ripple effects
    • Native iOS style: list views, list items, buttons,
  • Single Code Base, 100% code reuse cross-platform, no platform-specific code!
  • Gamification elements: add a talk to your agenda and rise in the leaderboard
  • Chat with other conference attendees

You can even simulate iOS & Android styles within the app! Just go to Settings and toggle between the 2 native platform styles.

Get the Open Source Conference App

Best of all, we’ve made this app open-source on Github so you can use it as a starting point for your own app. Or re-use the code to create your own conference app for upcoming events.


Here is a quick overview of what you can do with the Qt World Summit conference app:

For a full reference of the Felgo Apps API, see here.

We will also show how we developed this app in a session at the Qt World Summit! If you attend the conference, make sure to watch our presentation. 🙂

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