Find the Best Demos and Examples

Check out this quick tour to find the best demos and examples for you, and to see how the Felgo SDK can help you to develop your next app or game!

Felgo Apps Examples and Demos

Felgo offers a number of open-source demos and examples. You may use them as a starting point for your own apps, or just copy parts of it to speed up your development.

After you installed Felgo SDK you can browse through some examples which show how you can use Felgo Apps for your custom app.

Felgo Sample Launcher and Showcase App

The Felgo Sample Launcher allows you to quickly test and run all the open-source examples and demo games available with the Felgo SDK, from a single desktop application. It also contains the Showcase App which is a collection of open-source example Apps made with Felgo. The Showcase App is also available on iOS and Android.

Access App Demos & Examples

The demos are part of the Felgo SDK. Open them by browsing to the following folder:

<Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo

Just open the .pro files with Qt Creator and you can run the demos on your development PC or deploy them to your mobile devices.

Included App Demos & Examples

Here is a list of all app demos that are included in the Felgo SDK:

A sample project with all core elements set up. It includes app navigation, basic controls, REST API access and offline caching.

The Qt World Summit Conference App is a full-featured conference management app made by Felgo.

Shows the most important Felgo Apps features combined in a single app with native user experience (UX) and fluid UI animations.

This is a mini version of the Jira Tima time tracking app, showcasing several of the latest APIs across all platforms.

The Maps app displays free bikes or boxes at bike stations for Vienna's bike sharing service Citybike Wien.

The Twitter app shows how to build layouts like in the official Twitter app for iOS and Android.

A YouTube channel browser for listing and playback of YouTube videos.

The PropertyCross app is a real estate app that allows searching UK property listings based on a search term or for the user's current location.

The Weather App showcases how to include powerful animations into your user interface.

The Messaging app demonstrates how to create the UI of a Facebook Messenger like app.

More App Examples

We also offer a list of short code examples to solve common use cases: Code Snippets