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Qt 5 In-App Purchases with Soomla Plugin

By Alex

Today it’s time to introduce a new plugin for monetizing your apps with in-app purchases across iOS, Android & Amazon: Welcome the new Soomla In-App Purchase Plugin for Qt 5 apps and Felgo 2 games.


Cross-Platform In-App Purchases for Apple iOS App Store, Google Play Store & Amazon AppStore

With the Soomla Plugin your Felgo 2 games can now support in-app purchases on iOS through Apple’s App Store and on Android through either Google’s Play Store or Amazon’s AppStore.

To support all these platforms, you don’t need to change anything in your QML code, because the Felgo Soomla plugin handles the different platform-specific services in the background. This means shorter development time and less headache during testing.

The API of the new Soomla Plugin is 100% compatible with the former Store Plugin of Felgo 1, which makes upgrading your games to Felgo 2 even easier!

In-App Purchases from QML

The Soomla plugin provides a familiar QML-based API which allows you to integrate in-app purchases like any other QML item. You can simply define your purchasable items like an in-game good:

import VPlay.plugins.soomla 1.0

Store {
  id: store
  goods: [
    SingleUseGood {
      id: boost
      itemId: "boost"
      name: "Speed Boost"
      purchaseType:  StorePurchase { id: boostPurchase; productId: boost.itemId; }

and then buy a product with a simple call like:


Soomla Differences to Qt Purchasing API by Digia

Digia also offers a Qt Purchasing API for Qt Enterprise customers. If you already have a Qt Enterprise license, you can choose which of the plugins suits you better. Our Soomla Plugin has a couple of benefits over Qt Purchasing like:

You can find the documentation of the Soomla plugin QML components, a GitHub example and installation instructions here:


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