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Felgo is now Qt Technology Partner!

By Christian

We are proud to announce a milestone of Felgo today:

Felgo is now an official Qt Technology Partner!


What does this mean?

This means we are now official partners of Digia and continue to improve the Qt ecosystem and help Qt developers be more productive.

When looking back, our decision two years ago to use Qt and especially the powerful language combination QML & JavaScript as the weapon of choice for rapid development was the best we ever made. Qt has seen massive improvements in all areas and is now evolving and growing faster than ever (the latest Qt version 5.2 was downloaded over 1 million times in the past 4 months!).

Our mission is to help making the Qt world a better one for two developer groups:

Felgo Benefits for Game Developers

Our 2D Gaming API helps you to save development time and focus on your gameplay not low-level components. These are the highlights of Felgo:

Felgo Benefits for Mobile App Developers

With last week’s announcement of Felgo Qt 5 Plugins, Qt mobile app developers can now use our standalone Qt plugins to:

What’s next?

We look forward to a bright future of Qt and Felgo, with the next big Qt release 5.3 (which adds Windows Phone as supported platform!) just around the corner… So all Felgo customers can then publish for this new platform as well, with the next update of Felgo 2!


PS: You can see our technology partner entry on the Qt website here:


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