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The Best Tech Talks of the Qt World Summit 2015

By Christian

Qt World Summit 2015 has already come and gone. Don’t worry if you missed the Summit though, we’ve got all the highlights for you right here! Check out Chris’s Felgo tech talk to find out how to boost your user retention and develop for multiple screen resolutions. You can also check out the list of our favorite tech talks from the world’s biggest Qt conference. Watch all of these presentations in full and for free!

If you just want to get a quick look at what we brought to this year’s World Summit, you can also check out the slides from the presentation below!

The Felgo Tech Talk

Chris gave a talk at Qt World Summit 2015 called “How to Develop with Qt for Multiple Screen Resolutions and Increase & Measure your Cross-Platform App Success (In-Depth Tech Session)“. In this tech talk, he talked about the Do’s and Dont’s of developing for different screen sizes using Felgo. He also shared some user retention techniques that can be achieved using features only available with Felgo.

Using the new Felgo Showcase App as an example, Chris showed how the Felgo team developed one app that recreates the native UI and UX of a Twitter app on all major mobile platforms. He outlined the guidelines the team followed and the advantages of the density independent approach that they took.

You can also get a look at our new test at runtime feature, which allows you to test native appearance and performance by simulating different mobile platforms on desktop.

In the second half of the talk, Chris highlighted the advantages of implementing Felgo features such as the Felgo Game Network, Felgo Level Editor, and Felgo Multiplayer. These features improve the user retention capabilities of your app or game and can be implemented in a few minutes. He also talked about the effective use of Push Notifications to retain users.

Watch the full talk now to find out even more about retaining your users and developing for different resolution devices.

The Best Talks from Qt World Summit 15

You can find all of the tech talks from Qt World Summit 2015 here.  Below are some of our favorite talks from the event. You can hear the experts give tips on using Qt for all kinds of mobile development as well as integrating geo-location features and more.

Introduction to Qt Creator  (Tobias Hunger)
Getting Started with Qt on Android (BogDan Vatra, KDAB)
Mastering Qt on Android (BogDan Vatra, KDAB)
Qt on IOS A to Z (Mike Krus, KDAB)
Qt and Windows 10 (Maurice Kalinowski, The Qt Company)
The 8 Mistakes of QtQuick Newcomers (Luca Ottaviano, Develer)
Behavior Driven GUI Testing of Embedded, Mobile and Desktop Qt HMIs (Reginald Stadlbauer, froglogic)
Are You Testing Enough? Qt Application Quality Assurance (Harri Porten, froglogic)
Developing with Qt Location (Laszlo Agocs, The Qt Company)
Lightning Talk – Qt & Mapbox (Konstantin Käfer, Mapbox)
Effective QML (Thomas McGuire, KDAB)
A Deep Dive into QML Memory Management Internals (Frank Meerkötter, basysKom)

The Felgo Slide-Show

If you’d like a quick look at what Felgo had to offer at the Qt World Summit 2015, you can download our presentation or just check out our SlideShare below:



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