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Extended Sprite Sheets, Text Input and Clipping Support

By Christian

As we have added three bigger features to today’s daily build v1.3.2, we will cover the additions here in a dedicated blog post. The new features were requested frequently by you, our community – so enjoy the new stuff and expect more to come in near future. 🙂

Extended Sprite Sheet Support

Setting up animations for multiple resolutions was a bit tedious before with the SpriteSequence component, because it did not have built-in support for multiple resolutions and you had to export a separate image for each sprite animation containing all frames in a contiguous row.

This gets a lot easier now with the SpriteSequenceFromFile component. It supports to define animated sprites from a sprite sheet exported with tools like Texture Packer or Zwoptex. In addition, it also supports trimmed and rotated images.This saves a lot of precious graphics memory and allows you to pack more sprites into a sprite sheet. Beginning with version 1.3.2 these features are also included in SingleSpriteFromFile, which is great for easy accessing of a single frame within a sprite sheet.

The following image demonstrates how dense you can now pack your sprites in a sprite sheet with the trimming support, captured with Texture Packer:


Clipping Support

If you need to clip the contents of a Flickable, images or any other items you can do so now with the new Clipping item. This allows scrollable lists that do not cover the whole screen if they get larger, a feature which was often requested by our community. Thus we are glad to support this feature now.

TextInputVPlay Item

The new TextInputVPlay  item allows you to use a text input field without opening a native input dialog. This helps to keep the style of your game and customize the text input with custom fonts and colors.


Along with these changes we also fixed some bugs reported by our customers. So do not hesitate and download daily builds if you are a Pro Subscriber already. If you’re a Free Subscriber, you still have time until the 14th of April to upgrade your subscription while saving 50% off the regular price and get Daily Builds access today. After the 14th, the Pro Plan will switch to the regular price of $599 instead of $299 as part of the Early Bird special offer.

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