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Update 2.4.0: Felgo Sample Launcher, Game Tour & New Platformer Game

By Christian

As we promised in the roadmap post, we are happy to present new additions to Felgo that have one goal in mind: finishing your game or app faster than ever.

Felgo Sample Launcher

With so many demo games & examples available in the Felgo SDK, it can be a bit difficult to get a quick overview what helps you most for your project. That’s why we’ve created a fancy app, where you can try them all within seconds and pick the games and examples that matter to your project most:


You can run the Felgo Sample Launcher after updating to Felgo 2.4.0 from
<Path to your Felgo SDK>/Examples/Felgo/samplelauncher

Or download it as standalone app for desktop here.

Note: See our update guide how to get the latest Felgo update.

Felgo Tour

Usually you want to create a game of a specific genre like Platformers, Side Scrollers, Puzzle or a Strategy Game. Until now, it was hard to find the resources that help you getting this game finished fast.

With the Felgo Tour, you can choose whether you want to create apps or games, and which kind of game you want to make. Based on your choice, you then get the relevant sample games and most useful Felgo components for this kind of game!

Try the Felgo Tour Now


New Platformer Sample Game

To round up the Felgo update 2.4.0, we also added a new sample game: a platformer.


Platformers are a very popular type of 2D games and Felgo developers often requested it – with this new sample, you can start your own platformer game from a solid foundation and save a couple of hours of coding!

And well, you can try the new Platformer demo right from the Sample Launcher, together with all the other games. 🙂


Have fun developing faster with these new additions, and expect many more to come…

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