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Update 2.2.0: Density Independence & Multi-Screen Support, New Flappy Bird Tutorial & Android Back Button Handling

By Christian

With the new Felgo Update 2.2.0, you get access to a lot more functionality to create apps & games that work across multiple screens and screen densities. These changes are especially useful for apps created with Felgo, but you can also use some of the new functionality in your games!

This blog post explains the new features in detail: Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes & Screen Densities with Qt and Felgo

It also contains the often-requested slides of our Qt Developer Days 2014 presentation about “How to Develop with Qt for Multiple Screen Resolutions and Increase Your User Retention (of Cross-Platform Apps and Games)”.

The talk is about responsive design, adaptive layout and how to increase user retention, and was chosen by you – the Qt and Felgo community – for one of the few presentation slots at Qt Dev Days Europe – thank you a lot for that!

More Highlights of Felgo Update 2.2.0

You can now also enjoy a greatly improved Flappy Bird Tutorial, which explains the Felgo basics like sprites, content scaling and physics step-by-step with a lot of pictures. In just 800 lines of code and about an hour you can make your own Flappy Bird – try it here!

To make back button handling on Android easier, we added a backButtonPressed signal to GameWindow. Also have a look at the new sections about Focus and Key Handling with multiple scenes.

You can find the detailed changelog and instructions how to get the update below:

Download Felgo Update Now

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