Support for Multiple Languages and In-App Purchases

By Christian

The new daily build update version 1.3.6 adds some major improvements and features we are proud to announce:

  • In-app purchase support with the new Store plugin
  • Support of multiple languages for your game with Qt Linguist
  • New tutorial: How to add the LevelEditor to an existing game


Let’s dive into these improvements in more detail…

In-App Purchase Support for iOS & Android

The new Store plugin allows you to monetize your game and leverage the freemium model to get your app into people’s hands for free, and then capture some revenue from their enjoyment of playing or using your game. We have announced this major feature in an own blog post with more details here.

Multi-Language Support

Making a game is fun, but it’s even more fun if it gets downloaded and played a lot after creating it. To increase your chances of making a hit game, we recommend adding a localized version of your game for your main target countries. Starting with this Felgo version, it is very simple to support a range of languages from a single code base.

All you need to do is wrapping your text strings in a qsTr() function call like in the following example:

Text {
  text: qsTr("I am a localized text!")

The Qt SDK comes with a great tool called Qt Linguist, which makes translating texts a joy: It scans all your QML files for translation texts and displays them in the correct context. Your translators will love you for that, as they can better grasp the intention of the text and even add comments about the translation right within Qt Linguist.


We wrapped this all up in the tutorial How to make a multi language game with Felgo.

Tutorial How to Use the LevelEditor

We also added a new tutorial how to add the LevelEditor to your existing game. It contains a step-by-step introduction of the cool features of the new LevelEditor component, which allows your players to create own levels on their mobile devices and thus get content for free and keep your gamers motivated. Read here how to add this feature to your game.


Starting from today our Pro Customers can download these improvements here. We are looking forward to seeing them used in your App Store games!

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