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Update 1.5.6: New Sample Game “Chicken Outbreak 2”, Last Update Before Qt 5

By Christian

It’s update time again! There is a reason why it took longer than usual for this update (you can find it at the end of this blog post), but now let’s dive into the improvements of daily build 1.5.6:

New Sample Game with Full Source Code: Chicken Outbreak 2

This is a real highlight!


We have received lots of requests asking for a sample game that includes:

  • How to add In-App Purchases for iOS & Android
  • How to add Chartboost Ads
  • How to add cross-platform leaderboards & achievements (with Felgo Game Network)

We packed all of this into a single game and wrapped it around fun & challenging gameplay. Download the game which is available in the App Stores starting today for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac here:


As a Felgo customer, you can update to the latest daily build and have a look at the full source code how the game is made. This will help you to speed up your development time and learn based on our best-practice example.

And if you have a look at the in-game shop implemented with our Store plugin, you will find some best practices how to promote IAPs in mobile games, like this little fellow for removing the ads 🙂


Getting Ready for Felgo with Qt 5

This update marks the last one of Felgo version 1, as we are close to releasing a first version of Felgo 2.0. We are extremely excited about this big update, because it adds a lot of highly demanded features from the Felgo community:

  • Deploy locally to your iOS or Android device from Qt Creator, including on-device debugging
  • Support for custom  C++ / Obj-C / Java code and custom QML items
  • Full Qt 5 support

On top of that, we are adding our plugins for monetization, analytics and retention rate increase (with Felgo Game Network). And of course the awesome Felgo gaming API powering already hundreds of games.

When is Felgo 2.0 with Qt 5 available?

We will release an initial version of Felgo 2.0 very soon, and all Felgo licensees get access to it! To make it available as soon as possible, we will release the core elements of Felgo in an initial version and then add the remaining components and plugins in close cooperation with you, our customers! So you can give your vote on the features we will implement next and we can together shape the development roadmap. Watch out for a blog post with details how you can participate next week!


Together with launching the first Felgo version in the next week, we will raise the prices for all Felgo licenses, so if you are as enthusiastic about this update as we are – now is a good time to upgrade to a paid version of Felgo and still benefit from the lower prices until next week. 🙂

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