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Update 2.0.2: In-Game Level Editor & more Sample Games

By Christian

Two weeks after the last Felgo update which brought Qt 5.3 support, today you get another update that makes Felgo 2 a lot better.

In-Game Level Editor

With the level editor components in Felgo, you can do the following:

  • Cut development time as level creation, balancing and testing works while your game is running.
  • Customize the look of the level editor to match your game style, or use the default Felgo skin for quick results.
  • Let your players create their own levels and build a community around your game – in return you get user-generated content which keeps your game interesting and something new to explore for your players.
  • Monetize your user-created levels with a level store and award your best level creators to give them an incentive.

This is how the level editor looks like in the game Stack And Friends:

Stack With Friends Level Editor with Balancing

The cool thing is, you can style the level editor & balancing UI to match your game’s UI best. So we provide the components to change any property at runtime, which allows you to test and balance your game quickly. And you can then use your own UI theme and customize the level editor to your needs, or just use the default Felgo skin.


So with this update, all level editor components are now available in Felgo 2!

Also see this blog post for User-Generated Content Benefits for Players and Developers.

A Mobile Game with User-Generated Levels

A video is worth more than a thousand words, so we created one to show you the power of Felgo level editing tools:

You can also download Stack With Friends in the App Stores and for your Desktop PC:

Download Stack And Friends for iOS, Android and PC Here


As with all our published games in the app stores, it comes with full source code as part of the Felgo SDK download.


Would you like to learn more about the power of an in-game level editor? Then these tutorials are for you:

How to boost level creation and balancing of your game with Felgo Level Editor

How to benefit from user-generated content in your game with Felgo Level Store

Free Cross-Platform Sample Games, Open-Source

Along with the level editor update, you get 4 more sample games fully ported to Felgo 2 with this update.

As a Felgo customer, the latest update is available right now. We can’t wait to see your Qt 5 games with user-generated levels. 🙂


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