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Update 1.5.5: User-Generated Content, Level Sharing & Level Store

By Christian

Today is a special day. It’s time to release a Felgo Update which brings a new feature that will make your Felgo games stand out from the app crowd!

User-Generated Content

With the new daily build update 1.5.5 you can now make the next Minecraft for mobile: With a single line of code you can let your players publish their user-generated levels and share them with the whole game community.

This has both benefits for you as a developer and also for your players!

Level Sharing Benefits for Players

  • Players are more engaged because they can create their own levels and tell their friends about it. You can even reward them for great content to further motivate them to build awesome levels.
  • Players get endless levels, made by the game community.

Level Sharing Benefits for You

  • Players return more often to your game because there is endless content and always something new to explore.
  • Your game downloads will increase because of word-of-mouth marketing of user-generated levels by your players.
  • No need to create constant level updates after you published your game to keep it interesting – the community does this for you!
  • Earn money with the user-generated levels by adding a level store!

Sounds good and like a win-win right? And so it is! There is a huge potential of user-generated content in mobile games currently unexplored – and now it is in your hands to change that.

New Showcase Game: Stack And Friends

To show what you can do with the new level sharing and level store features, we have created a new game: Stack And Friends

Stack And Friends is a physics-based action game with the goal to stack as many boxes as fast as you can.

What makes this game special is the community aspect: players can create their own levels and get credits for sharing them with others. These credits are used to download new levels, so your players get 1000s of levels created by the community. The better the levels of your players are, the more credits they get – like that they are rewarded for making good levels.

Level Sharing

Thanks to the built-in ordering options, you can show the most popular and highest rated levels or the latest ones. If you connect your Facebook profile, you can even see the levels created by your friends also playing Stack And Friends.


Monetize Your Game with a Level Store

With the new LevelStore component you can easily monetize the user-generated levels with in-app purchases. It is up to you if you add a level store to your game! You can also add level sharing without any purchases, however, you are then missing on the opportunity to re-invest your earned money into new game features. Also note that motivation for creating good levels is higher for players if they get a reward for it (in the form of currency).

This image shows our LevelStore UI in Stack And Friends. You can fully customize the UI for your game and style it as you like.

Download The Game & Source Code

You can play and download the game right now for Android, Windows and Mac. iOS is currently in review and will be available in the App Store soon.


Like all published Felgo games in the app stores, Stack And Friends comes with full source code in the latest daily build version of the Felgo SDK. This makes it the best learning resource how to add level sharing, user-generated content and the LevelStore to your game. Get free fonts for your APP for FREE at this link!

So if you want to play the game right now on iOS or any other supported platform, you can also build it yourself with the source code from the latest daily build 1.5.5. See here how to update to the latest Felgo version.

For further details have a look at our tutorial How to benefit from user-generated content in your game with Felgo Level Store.


To celebrate this update, we will give away a 20% discount on all Felgo licenses until next Thursday, 20th February 2014 for the first subscription period. Use this discount code on the pricing page after adding your billing information and join the Felgo community:



We look forward to your new games with level sharing. πŸ™‚

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