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Get Started with Felgo: The Showdown

By Christian

How to make a game like Flappy Bird / Super Mario / Doodle Jump / Candy Crush Saga / … ?

What is this Build Server and Felgo Game Network for?

How can I use the Felgo Level Editor?



These were some of the most frequently asked questions we got from you over the past months. So we sat down and asked us how to make the initial learning process of Felgo as easy as possible so you can get your game done in the fastest way…


The New Getting Started with Felgo Tour

Our brand-new Getting Started Tour answers the most common questions in 5 short steps. It shows the key strengths of the Felgo components with videos and pictures, so you can grasp them in a couple of minutes. And you now have the most useful learning resources all in one place.


We hope you like it as much as we do, here is the link:

Get Started with Felgo – The Showdown


Happy Launching,

The Felgo Team

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