• Web Editor: Test Online Code Examples on Android and iOS with Live Code Reloading

    By Alex February 15, 2018

    Did you ever wonder how to quickly test online code examples? Did you ever see a code example and thought “I would love to try that right away”? Felgo got you covered! With the Felgo Web Editor, you can run code examples on your Android or iOS phone, right from your desktop browser. It’s a Cloud IDE for editing, running …

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  • How to Access REST Services with Qt and V-Play: Weather App Sample

    How to Access REST Services with Qt and Felgo: Weather Service Example App (Open Source)

    By andi.jakl February 8, 2018

    REST and RESTful web services are the most common way to access data through the Internet. Qt with Felgo provides an easy way to connect via REST. This article guides you through the most important steps to create an App and connect to a REST service. Additionally, it provides reusable code snippets. Spoiler: Basic REST Example with Felgo Real-Life Sample …

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  • Felgo is now Qt Technology Partner!

    By Christian May 8, 2014

    We are proud to announce a milestone of Felgo today: Felgo is now an official Qt Technology Partner! What does this mean? This means we are now official partners of Digia and continue to improve the Qt ecosystem and help Qt developers be more productive. When looking back, our decision two years ago to use Qt and especially the powerful …

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  • Get Started with Felgo: The Showdown

    By Christian March 6, 2014

    How to make a game like Flappy Bird / Super Mario / Doodle Jump / Candy Crush Saga / … ? What is this Build Server and Felgo Game Network for? How can I use the Felgo Level Editor?     These were some of the most frequently asked questions we got from you over the past months. So we …

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  • Felgo Showcases

    By Alex June 17, 2013

    As there are more and more Felgo powered games being published to the app stores we decided to give some of them a dedicated space on our website. Today we launch our brand-new showcase page. The showcase page features a short description and some screenshots of games built with Felgo. They are intended to give a feeling for what Felgo …

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  • Welcome to our new Website

    By Alex March 20, 2013

    As you probably already have noticed we launched our new website on February 11th. Beside the great design we added some new features, which I want to shortly summarize in this blog post. New Design Heart of the new website is the completely reworked and unique design by the very talented artist Tobias Klika. From now on our website does …

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