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BlackBerry 10 Support in Felgo

By Christian

We are very proud to announce a new key platform Felgo is supporting: Since the launch back in January this year we have received many customer requests asking for BlackBerry 10 support, so we think it’s time to add it to Felgo, now. 🙂 You can find the official press release here: http://felgo.com/blackberry/.


The great thing about it from a developer perspective is that it comes at no additional costs for our Pro customers! With the quarterly license you can publish for BlackBerry for $189 per quarter ($63 per month) or with the annual license for $599 per year ($49 per month). The free version allows you to deploy the application to your local BlackBerry device so you can test before you buy.

For all of you having published games for iOS, Android, Symbian, MeeGo or one of the desktop platforms there are great news about BB 10 support too: No modifications of the source code are required as almost all components are already fully supported on BlackBerry. The only missing ones are Video, Facebook, Flurry and Store, which will be added upon your requests, like we already did it in the past. However, using these plugins in your code will not break your application as the calls for them are just ignored like when you are testing on the desktop platforms.

Thanks to the GameWindow & Scene concept to support multi-resolutions and different aspect ratios, also the Q10 with a square display can be targeted. So all you have left to do is send your same source code to the Felgo Build Server and download the BlackBerry application file. For more details how to publish to the BlackBerry World and how to deploy to your local test device, see the new deployment guide and publishing guide for BlackBerry.

Publishing to BlackBerry world offers you a new monetization channel as it is still a young platform and high-quality apps with native performance and without black borders have a higher chance on BlackBerry to be found. This higher visibility and a new market waiting for new games is the perfect chance to spread the word about your game! We are looking forward to new Felgo powered games in the BlackBerry World – let us know how your games are doing there and feel free to apply for our showcase section to show off your app on the Felgo website.

Finally we’d love to hear what you think about BlackBerry 10 support in the comments below or in our support forums at https://felgo.com/developers/forums/t/v-play-announces-support-for-blackberry-10/.

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